Nothing pulls you out of an immersive experience quite like being reminded you're wearing a headset. For some VR owners, that reminder happens when light comes into the headset and reflects off the lenses. PlayStation VR owners don't have that problem, but some have noticed a green smear out of the corner of their eye when playing particularly dark games. It's a distracting, temporary effect every PlayStation VR owners needs to deal with, but if you know how there's a way to avoid it most of the time. Here's what you need to know!

The Mura Effect

The OLED display inside of your PlayStation VR is fantastic for making it feel like there's almost no screen door effect, but there's a downside to using this display tech. If a game manufacturer wants to draw a dark room or hallway, and uses a lot of shades of black that aren't quite fully black, you see this black smearing or a green haze in the black areas.

This is called the Mura Effect, and it's something that affects every VR headset to some degree right now. OLED displays show deep blacks by turning off entirely, but when they need to show something close to black they turn on with as little power as possible. If an area doesn't get the proper voltage, the color balance can be affected. Some users refer to this as clouding or smearing, and it affects much more than just VR headsets.

How do I fix this?

While there is no way to completely eliminate the Mura Effect from PlayStation VR, you can significantly decrease the effect and in many cases get very close to eliminating it. Since this effect has a lot to do with how your display is receiving power, you can help control that power output by altering the brightness inside your headset. If you're able to lower your brightness, the Mura Effect becomes significantly less noticeable.

  1. Put on your PSVR
  2. Press and hold the PS button to access your quick menu
  3. Navigate to brightness and decrease until you're comfortable
  4. Return to your game to confirm brightness setting is correct

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