PlayStation VR might make you nauseous, but we've got some things to help.

VR has a habit of causing people to feel sick, or dizzy while playing. While it might be the newest kid on the VR block, even PlayStation VR can cause nausea, which can be a real bummer. However there are a few things you can do to help curb feeling sick while gaming, and we've got the details below.

Why does it happen?

PlayStation VR helmet

Nausea or dizziness in VR are caused by your brain getting confused at what it going on. Essentially, it panics because it knows you aren't actually moving when you're watching a VR video of being on a roller coaster. When it panics, you may start to feel queasy or to sway in place.

Not everybody is affected by this, and they are the lucky ones. For other folks, only certain games or experiences will trigger the feelings of nausea. If you're just getting started in VR, start out with an easier experience so that you can gauge where your tolerance is at. Every person is a bit different, so knowing how your body reacts to VR is a good call.

Sit down

Cale playing with PlayStation VR

Some games are meant to be played standing up, but many games on PlayStation VR can be played sitting down. If you find yourself particularly sensitive, then sitting down while you play can be of some serious help. It really depends game to game, as to how it will affect you.

If you tend to sway in place when your brain gets confused, then playing while sitting down is definitely your safer option. Thankfully many of the PlayStation VR games that are available support having you play while sitting down. Certain games like Batman: Arkham VR can feel weird if you're sitting down while playing, but it can make a serious impact in becoming dizzy or feeling sick.

Don't play through the pain

If you start to feel off, or dizzy, then it may be time to take a short break from VR. This rule also applies if you have a cold, an ear infection, or an eye infection. That's because the inner ear is linked to motion sickness in VR, so if things are already out of whack playing with PlayStation VR may only exacerbate the problem.

Motion sickness has also been shown to crop up more if you are playing while too tired. What this translates to, is listening to what your body is telling you. If you're exhausted or sick, you're more liable to make it worse by playing around in VR. Instead take breaks when you need them, so that you can make the most out of your time in VR.

If the experience is laggy or jumpy turn it off

Brookhaven on PlayStation VR

Motion sickness in VR has been shown to be much worse, and much more common if you are dealing with a less than stellar picture. Choppy or jumpy images, lag, and frame rate drops all contribute to feeling dizzy or nauseous. If your start to have this issue on PlayStation VR then your best bet is to turn it off and restart the game or app. If that doesn't help out then you may need to close the application for a while, or give your console a break for a few minutes.

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Have you had issues with feeling sick or dizzy while playing PlayStation VR? Is there a fix that we missed? Be sure to drop into the comments below, or head to our forums and check it out!