How to disable Dash and new Home without leaving Oculus Public Test Channel

Rift Core 2.0, the next big update from Oculus, brings us plenty of new features, including Dash, a redesigned Home, and a redesigned Oculus desktop app. Dash is an overlay accessible from anywhere that lets you swap quickly between apps, while the new Home features extensive customization options as well as social aspects.

Rift Core 2.0 is in beta, available through the Public Test Channel, so there are some bugs expected. If you would like to forego changes inside your Rift, you can turn off Dash and the new Home without affecting the new desktop app.

How to turn off Dash and new Home in Rift Core 2.0

Is Dash or the new Home misbehaving when you're inside your Oculus Rift? No problem; you can disable these new features while retaining changes to the Oculus desktop app, Here's how to do it.

  1. Launch the Oculus app from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  2. Click Settings.

    Launch the Oculus app. Click Settings.

  3. Click Beta.
  4. Click the switch next to Use Classic Oculus Home so that it turns blue (On).

    Click Beta. Click the switch.

The Oculus app will restart automatically and, when in the Rift, you should see the old Home. If you'd like to go back to using Dash and the new Home, simply repeat the steps, clicking the switch so that it turns off.

Your Rift Core 2.0 experience

Have you had a chance to test out Rift Core 2.0? What's your favorite part? Have you experienced any issues with Dash or new Home? Let us know in the comments section!

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