The NCAA March Madness Live VR app for your Gear VR is now offering courtside seats to six of the NCAA games happening from now until the Championship Game, making it possible for you to sit down and enjoy the game live. As long as you have your Samsung phone and a Gear VR, you're able to jump in and enjoy!

Here's everything you need to know in order to be fully prepared for each of these amazing games.

When can I watch in VR?

These events are streaming LIVE, so you'll be watching at the same time as everyone else. The only difference is you'll be watching as though you were sitting right there in crowd. The games you'll be able to watch this way are:

  • March 23—Both Regional Semi-Final Games in San Jose
  • March 25—Regional Finals in San Jose
  • April 1—Both Final Four Match-Ups in Phoenix
  • April 3—Championship Game in Phoenix

Once the times for those games are announced, you'll see the counter show up in the Oculus app, prompting you to jump in and reserve your tickets.

How much does it cost to watch in VR?

You have a couple of options for how you want to watch, depending on what information you want and how many games you want to watch.

Silver Ticket

For $1.99 per game, the Silver Ticket lets you watch the game from a single VR camera alongside audio commentary from the CBS broadcast of the game. You'll be able to turn your head and see the whole court, and hear everything happening during the game.

Gold Ticket

For $2.99 per game, or for $7.99 if you want access to all of the games, the Gold Ticket gives you multiple VR cameras to choose from during the game so you can always have the best seat. The audio commentary from this Gold Ticket will be unique, in that it will be specifically about the game from a VR perspective.

Can I watch the game later?

While whole games will not be available for replay through this app after the live stream has ended, there will be key highlights available to watch in VR from each of the six games — at no charge to anyone.

Can I install the app now?

You can! The NCAA March Madness Live VR app is available to install now, and if you go into the app right now you'll find a virtual locker room that you can customize with your team colors. There are also 2D highlights from the games so far, and a bracket you can keep an eye on as the rest of the Championship continues.

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