As you can imagine with a platform as large as YouTube, the ways to search for content are many and varied. VR, 360 Degree, and 3D are still fairly new but YouTube has streamlined the process for you, especially in the apps designed for VR.

YouTube, YouTube Everywhere

This list is not exhaustive, there are so many apps for each individual VR kit, and no one wants to read a 2000 word essay on YouTube Apps.There are some simple ways to find great content no matter what you use however.

The very first place to find great VR content is the YouTube channel in the browser. YouTube has collated all the best VR videos and they can be found here. It is updated regularly and is categorized into some helpful sections such as "Explore the Body" and "Thrill Seekers" to further narrow down your options. After subscribing to the VR channel those playlists will be available in any YouTubeVR app you choose to use on your selected VR kit, as long as you use your Gmail account to log in.

If you want to search for Videos outside of the VR Channel, you will need to use the correct keywords. From what we have seen using the keyword "360" seems to give better results than "VR" when searching manually. This may be because not all 360 videos require VR to run but almost all of them can be used with a headset.

Googles Baby Gets Special Treatment

While the Oculus, Vive, and Gear VR don't have 1st party Youtube App the Daydream Viewer certainly does. Using the YouTube VR app is simply the easiest way to find vr content. When you search in the App it has a set of easily accessible filters dedicated to VR such as "360", 4k, and "3D". These really do help narrow down the videos available.

One of our readers did inform me that the PSVR YouTube app also has a dedicated VR mode so it isn't just the Daydream that has it. This gives us hope that more VR YouTube Apps will come down the pipeline.

Step by step instructions

  1. Go the YouTube VR Channel at
  2. Subscribe to the channel for the latest VR Video.
  3. Select your favorite Playlists.
  4. Save the Playlist to your YouTube.
  5. Enter the Rift, Vive, or Gear VR.
  6. Open on the Browser and choose your Playlists.

6a. Or use the YouTubeVR app on Daydream, it has all the filters you need.


While Google seems to be trying to help users find VR Videos easier they do add stumbling blocks to anyone not using their devices. This seems odd as their main purpose is to get everyone watching YouTube. An app for each of the main players, Vive, Oculus, and Gear VR, would seem to make sense, but when do Google ever really make sense?

That being said the Google VR Channel is the very best and easiest way to find quality VR Content. Subscribing to that and then drilling down through the curated playlists will give you the best experience.