Model numbers are used for a variety of reason. First, they're an easy way to check which devices your Gear VR is compatible with. They can also be used to register your product online with Samsung. If you're looking for that model number, you won't find it in the settings menu on your phone, instead, it's printed right on your headset!

It seems tricky but there are only two places it can be. Here's how to find it.

Black Gear VR headsets

If you're sporting a newer Gear VR that's black your model number is near where you usually connect the phone. That is, right underneath the lenses. The type is extra tiny, so you may want to just take a photo and then zoom in if you don't want to try to decipher the tiny type with the headset 2 centimeters from your face.

  1. Take the Gear VR cover off the front of the device
  2. Look below the lenses for a tiny set of gold numbers
  3. Read the model number in the second row beginning with "SM"

That's it! You have your model number.

White Gear VR headsets

If you have the older white model of Gear VR you'll find the model number on the bottom of the headset. Since it's a white headset even with the small type, it's easy to find and read.

  1. Flip the device over
  2. Check the model number beginning with "SM"


As you can see, finding the model number is pretty black and white as long as you know where to look. Have you had issues finding your model number? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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