As an external device with its own dedicated audio output, the HTC Vive can spark its own audio issues. Thankfully a majority of audio technicalities are caused by simple preferences that only require a few adjustments to be solved. Here are some fixes for the most common issues!

Change your SteamVR audio preferences

If you're having audio issues, the first place to look is within SteamVR's audio settings. From this menu, your audio preferences can be set to automatically change while using SteamVR. Not only can this be used to fix unwanted troubleshooting, but can also save time during setup.

Here's how to configure your SteamVR audio preferences:

  1. Open the SteamVR desktop application
  2. Select Settings from the SteamVR drop-down menu
  3. Open the Audio tab
  4. Configure your sound preferences to switch to the HTC Vive's output when starting SteamVR. To prevent audio issues after finishing with SteamVR, configure the settings to select a different output after closing the application.

Change your default audio device in Windows

If you've configured your SteamVR audio preferences and still experience issues, try changing your audio preferences through Windows. This will instantly change the default audio device in use.

  1. Open the Windows Sound application
  2. Find a device named HTC-VIVE-X, where X is a number.
  3. Right-click on the device and select Set as Default Device.

Check your hardware setup

If changing your audio preferences hasn't solved the issue, check to make sure your hardware is correctly setup. With each of the HTC Vive's components being detachable from the main headset, it's possible a connector may have become loose.

Make sure to check the following cables are securely connected:

  1. Slide the compartment open that houses all the wires connected to the HTC Vive. This can be found at the top of the headset where the HTC logo is located.
  2. Make sure the 3.5mm audio cable is securely connected at the top of the headset.
  3. Check all the cables connected to the link box for any loose connections.

Note: If you're experiencing issues while using the 3.5mm audio jack, consider testing a pair of USB headphones.

Still experiencing issues?

If you're still experiencing issues with the HTC Vive's audio output, it's likely that a more complex fix is required. If you're unsure where to go now, make sure to leave us a comment and we'll be here to help!