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One of the cool things about how Samsung's Gear VR platform works is the total take over once you connect the phone to the dock. The Oculus software launches, and the dividing line between your Gear VR and your phone is live. The separate set of settings kicks in, so you don't need to worry about adjusting anything before stepping into VR.

That doesn't mean the Gear VR is without display problems, but it does mean they're fairly easy to track down when they happen. Here's what you need to know about fixing these display issues!

The image is "crooked"

Gear VR

The VR image you see when you put your face in a Gear VR is created by taking two images and showing them to you through the lenses in the headset. This only works as long as everything is lined up the way it's supposed to be, which is supposed to happen automatically when your phone is in the Gear VR dock. If the images in your Gear VR aren't lining up or look a little crooked, it's because your phone is slightly out of place.

The quick fix here is to pull the phone out, examine the mounting point for any issues, and put the phone back in place. It's possible the connector between the phone and the Gear VR isn't properly seated, and snapping that part back into place will resolve the issue.

A notification is stuck

Gear VR

If you choose, you can have notifications from your phone interrupt your VR time. You can't do anything with the notification aside from dismiss it unless you want to take your phone out of the headset, but it's a good way for people to reach you in case of an emergency. That having been said, sometimes those notifications get stuck and mess up your ability to enjoy any of the VR apps you're exploring.

In most cases a stuck notification will go away if another notification shows up, but assuming you don't get a lot of notifications the fix here is to press and hold the home button to launch the Settings menu. This will clear everything from the screen, and the stuck notification will be gone.

Crashing back to the home screen

Gear VR

You should never experience a total Oculus crash, where you leave the VR environment entirely and go back to the home screen. There have been reports of this happening, but it's an extremely rare occurrence. What does occasionally happen instead is the phone thinking you've removed the headset from the dock and returning back to your home screen in the middle of a game. That may sound like nearly the same thing, but in reality it's a connection issue with the Gear VR dock.

Newer versions of the Gear VR dock have a removable connector, which allows the user to swap between microUSB and USB-C based on their need. The connector can become loose if not secured correctly, and that disconnect can cause the phone to switch back and forth between Gear and Home. Re-seat your connector and see if the problem persists. If it does, you may need a replacement connector.

Samsung Gear VR



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