How to fix 'Library actions not allowed while in an app' error in the Oculus app

Attempting to download a game in the Oculus app will sometimes cause a "Library actions not allowed while in an app" error to occur. Here's how to fix the error and get back to stocking your library with new games.

Playing and downloading don't mix

Oculus doesn't currently allow you to download any apps while you're already enjoying one in your Rift. For Virtual Desktop users, this is a big annoyance — you have to close Virtual Desktop before you can continue doing certain things on your desktop. If you're getting the error and you have an Oculus app open, close it and try to download again.

If the problem persists even when it appears you don't have any apps open, continue on to the next fix.

Ending Oculus app processes

Apps you've used in Oculus will sometimes keep a process running in the background even after you've exited — Virtual Desktop is notorious for this. You'll want to close Virtual Desktop or other apps' background processes through Task Manager. Here's how to do it:

  1. Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to bring up Task Manager.
  2. Click Virtual Desktop. It is located near the bottom of the list, so you'll have to scroll down a bit. If you don't find Virtual Desktop in your list of background processes, look for any other apps you recently had open.
  3. Click End Task.

    Click Virtual Desktop or any other Oculus apps running in background processes. Click End Task.

Try to open an app in the Oculus app. If you get the same error, save anything you have going on and restart your PC. This should reset everything and allow you to open and play an app in your Rift.

Your library issues

Have you experienced this error while using your Oculus Rift? Let us know in the comments section below if this fix worked for you!