How to fix screen-mirroring issues with PlayStation VR

Some users have reported issues where they can only see an image within the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) and not on the TV. While this isn't game-breaking, it means something is wrong with either your hardware or software. Here are a few fixes you can try when experiencing screen-mirroring issues.

Check your HDCP settings

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is designed to prevent copying of content while it is transferred via certain connections. For whatever reason, some PSVR games are affected by having HDCP enabled. Here's how to disable it.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click System.

    Click Settings. Click System.

  3. Click Enable HDCP.
  4. Click Yes. The checkmark should disappear from the box and HDCP will be disabled.

    Click Enable HDCP. Click Yes.

Check your HDMI cables

Many PlayStation VR users have reported in about faulty or poor-quality HDMI cables shipping with the unit. If you're having screen-mirroring issues, unplug each HDMI cable one at a time and replace it with one that didn't come with your PSVR. If an image shows up on your TV, you'll know it was an HDMI cable.

Swap out the HDMI cables one at a time.

Again, other users claim the problem is with the PlayStation 4's HDMI port. If you've swapped out HDMI cables and still aren't getting a picture, try jiggling the HDMI cable that connects to the back of your PS4. If you see flickering images on your TV, it's a good sign the hardware in your PS4 is causing the problem.

Try jiggling the HDMI cable going into the back of the PS4.

Remove the extension cable

To further eliminate the possibility of a faulty cable, try removing the extension cable between the PSVR's external processing unit and the HMD.

Remove the extension cable and plug the HMD directly into the processing unit.

Plug the HMD directly into the processing unit and see if you get a picture on your TV. If you do, you know the extension cable is the problem. Time to order a replacement!

Talk to Sony

If you've tried the solutions above and still can't get an image on your TV, it's most likely the PSVR's image processing unit or the actual PS4 causing problems. In this case, your best bet is to contact Sony support.

They will take you through some additional tests, and, if your PSVR is deemed faulty, will take steps to solve your problem.

Contact Sony support