PlayStation VR allows you to explore other worlds all while standing in your living room wearing a VR headset. Those beautiful seamless experiences can be ruined if your movements and actions aren't being tracked properly. You might miss a shot on a pirate ship, or not be able to properly see what is going on around you. Neither of these are ideal situations, but if these problems suddenly start to happen to you, there is an easy way to fix it.

Why does tracking matter?

Tracking is probably one of the most important aspects of VR when you are aiming for an immersive experience. Tracking is what allows you to turn within VR and see everything around you. If PlayStation VR stops properly tracking your movements then you're going to run into some problems. That's because tracking is an integral part of the way that VR works.

While some people have reported this issue from the onset, it can also crop up after you've been using PlayStation VR for a while. This makes it even more frustrating, since it essentially means that your system stops working properly one day. This problem tends to crop up for players who have been putting their PlayStation 4 console into rest mode, instead of fully shutting it down. When you put your console into rest mode, then you are essentially just telling it to sleep instead of shutting all the way down. In this mode you can download software updates and games, and when you come back the system will boot up much faster.

If your tracking has stopped working, and you've been putting your system into rest mode then you just need to do one thing. Go ahead and fully shut the system down. After giving it a minute or two, boot your PlayStation 4 back up. At this point you shouldn't have any further issues with tracking. To avoid this problem in the future you can shut down the console completely when you are done using it for the day.

Step by step instructions

  1. Shut down your PlayStation 4 console
  2. Allow your console to sit for a minute or two.
  3. Boot your system back up.

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