The PSVR and Move Controllers are far more affordable than the Rifts and Vives of the world, but that price comes with a few drawbacks. Unlike other headsets, the PSVR uses bright lights that are tracked by the PS4 Camera, which can be affected by external sources.

If, like me, you live in an especially bright area of the world, I live in the desert, it's always bright, then the light coming through your windows may be enough to block your PS4 Camera from receiving the light signal from your PSVR or Move Controllers.

So What Can we do?

Well the obvious answer is to block out the light, hide in the darkness, become the Night!!! Sorry I had a Batman moment. Reducing the light coming into the camera is the only way to fix this and we have a few handy pointers.

Camera Position.

Have you noticed when you take a picture of a person with the sun behind them the camera makes them a dark shadow? The exact problem occurs on the PSVR too. Try moving the camera so it points away from any direct sources if possible. Obviously this is not possible all the time if you want it near your TV but remember, you don't need your TV to play VR, so it is possible to move the camera to accomadate that.

Check out how to play the PSVR without your TV

Blinds and Curtains.

I know it's simple but pulling the curtains or blinds will instantly fix this issue. In my house the light still pours through my blinds, Southern California Sunshine FTW, but by closing them the light diffuses enough for the PSVRs blue light to be tracked. I'm sure Sony worked on this issue before the release so this only really happens at fringe cases.


By building a dedicated VR Room, one with only artificial light sources, you can control every aspect of your VR experience. Perhaps you could make it look like a cave with bats?

Ok maybe this last one is not a great idea, but the light issue for the PSVR is easily fixed by the first two so you should be good to go.

If you have any tips or pictures of your VR layouts we would love to see them. Head over to the VRHeads Forum to show us!

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