PlayStation VR lets you put on a VR headset and transport to a completely different world, while sitting in your living room. If you can't get into VR though, all the amazing games and apps in the world won't help you out. If a USB error on PlayStation VR keeps you from enjoying your shiny new VR, we've got all the details on how to fix it.

USB Cords

PlayStation VR cords

As you may have guessed, this error comes from something going wrong with the USB cords on your PlayStation VR. Considering that there are several new cords that need to be plugged in, it's fairly easy to get a cord confused and end up with this error, instead of the game that you want to play. There aren't any error codes or anything else to look up. Instead when you put on your PlayStation VR helmet, a message that reads "USB Error" will be the only thing on your screen. It is easy to fix in just a few short minutes though.

  • Something isn't plugged all the way in. It's possible that one of the USB cords for PlayStation VR ihas come unseated. You'll need to check both the cords on the front of the PlayStation VR control box, as well as the USB that is plugged into the front of your PlayStation 4 console. If any of these have come loose, it can cause the USB error.

  • There is a cord plugged in incorrectly. The second reason that the USB error will pop up when you turn on your headset, is because a cord is either plugged into the wrong spot, or isn't plugged in at all. Be sure to check and make sure that everything connects properly. This can take a few minutes, because of the number of cords, but you should be able to suss it out pretty quickly.

Have you had to deal with a USB error when using PlayStation VR? Is there another fix that we missed here? Let us know about it in the comments below, or head over and check out the VRHeads forums