It's not an easy problem to explain, and it can be a frustrating problem to properly diagnose and solve. Occasionally, some PlayStation VR users find a small amount of rotation on the video or game they're in. It's as though the headset is rocking on an axis, even though you're standing or sitting perfectly still. The core of this wobble effect lies in the tracking method Sony uses for PlayStation VR. As cool as those futuristic lights look when you're in the middle of a game, using a single camera system to track that light in a room can lead to problems.

Here are some of the best ways to address the wobble effect on your PlayStation VR.

Make sure your camera isn't wobbling.

If your camera is moving, the VR world is going to wobble with it. While your camera may be positioned at the top or bottom of your television to best capture your activities, sometimes intense movement can cause the television itself to wobble. Large televisions on smaller entertainment stands, or a room that shakes as you stomp around in the game, will cause your camera to wobble alongside everything else.

The easiest way to diagnose this is to have someone watch the camera while you're playing the game. If they notice a wobble, you're going to need a sturdier surface to mount the camera in order to ditch the wobble.

Cover reflective surfaces

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Your PlayStation Eye camera reads those blue lights and uses that information to figure out where you are in the room and how you're moving around. It's not a perfect system, especially if you're in a well-lit room. Even if you dim the lights to get the best tracking, reflective surfaces in the room you are playing in can trip up the PlayStation Eye camera. As the blue light reflects, the camera picks up the reflection and tries to adjust your tracking. For some, this is the cause of the image wobble.

Take a look around your room with the lights low and the PSVR lit up. If you see any obvious reflections, say from photo frames or windows without shades drawn, cover or remove those surfaces and see if that fixed your wobble.

Talk to Sony support

If all else fails, and the wobble persists even after you've tried playing in a totally dark room with no reflections with your camera nailed to the wall, talk to Sony. The PlayStation VR support team has offered replacement headsets for several users with this issue after attempting multiple fixes, so it's entirely possible you have a defective unit in need of replacing.

Remember this is a last-ditch effort to fix the wobble, if you haven't tried the other solutions first you'll probably have the same issues when the new headset arrives.

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