One of the best parts of VR is feeling as though you're actually in the middle of whatever you're seeing. So nothing can ruin the experience quite like not being able to properly see. There are actually a few different things that can cause blurry unfocused media when using Gear VR. Here's how you deal with blur in your Gear VR.

Focus your lenses

If this is the first time you're using Gear VR and you're seeing unfocused images, then you may just need to adjust your lenses. It's really easy to do too. First put on your Gear VR. At the top of the headset you'll find a scrolling wheel. Scrolling to the right will bring images closer to your eyes, and scrolling to the left will set them further away. You can use this to make sure what you're seeing is in focus, and is especially handy for anyone who doesn't have fantastic vision.

  1. Insert your phone into the Gear VR and strap it to your head
  2. Slowly turn the distance knob until text becomes clear

It's important that you be relaxed when reading the text on the screen, and not straining to read. Once that become possible, you're ready to move on!

Clean your phone screen, and inside your Gear VR

There are two other reasons that you might be seeing blurry images. If your phone screen is smudged, then it's going to make what you're seeing quite busy. The insides of your Gear VR may have also acquired some dust or dirt that is getting in the way. Thankfully these are both easily fixed.

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the screen of your phone, which may solve your problem. You can also rely on pressurized air to remove dust. Use the pressurized air in shorts bursts to clean out any dust or dirt that has managed to sneak inside. Afterwards you can also clean off the lenses with a microfiber cloth if you're still having issues

  1. Check your phone screen for fingerprints
  2. Clean off any dirt or smudges
  3. Use pressurized air in short bursts on interior of Gear VR
  4. Wipe off with microfiber cloth if necessary