Daydream delivers plenty of excellent games, apps, and experiences, that are all delivered directly from your phone. However if you're trying to pick up all the games that have caught your eye, and you happen to be on a budget, then you might quickly find yourself unable to afford everything you desperately want to play. Thankfully there are a few ways you can save some money, and get yourself the games you really want...for free.

How to get Daydream games for free

While it's true that Daydream games are exceptionally affordable compared to purchasing games on an PlayStation 4, you can still easily break the bank grabbing up all the titles that you've been dying to play. There are a few ways you can help your bank account out though, namely by keeping an eye out for Google Play gift card deals, and by enrolling yourself in Google Opinion rewards.

Using these two methods, you can get ensure that getting every game you want, isn't going to break your budget in the process. While neither of them will have you constantly receiving free games to play, but they can definitely help you out.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Using Google Opinion Rewards, you can accrue yourself absolutely free Google Play credits. If you haven't heard about Google Opinion Rewards, then you've seriously been missing out. This free app delivers surveys directly to your phone. As you complete these surveys, you'll be paid in Google Play credits which can then be used to purchase those sweet, sweet, Daydream games you've been thinking about.

Now, you aren't necessarily going to be swimming in credits if you're just starting to use this app. With time though, if you regularly fill out the surveys sent to you, those credits can easily start to stack up. While it might be tempting to just use them for in-app purchases on other games, if you play your cards right you can purchase your games outright.

Download Google Play Opinion Rewards from the Play Store

Google Play gift card deals

Google Play Gift Card

Many shops and chain stores now carry Google Play gift cards up and near the register, however if you're canny, you can get yourself gift cards worth far more than what you paid for them. Usually these deals show up every few months, and you can score gift cards for $5 to $10 off their usual price. For instance, Costco ran a deal in April 2017 where you could pick up a $100 Google Play gift card for $82.99 or a $50 gift card for just $39.49.

While this method does require paying for some of the credits you're about to receive, you also get extra. For those who already know they're going to spend money on Google Play, this is a great way to get a bit more bang for your buck.

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Have you gotten free games?

While neither of these options will constantly allow you to download every game you want to play for free, using Google Opinion Rewards and Google Play gift card deals in conjunction can ensure that on occasion a free game is in your future. Have you used either of these methods to try and earn yourself some credits for free games? Be sure to let us know about it int he comments below!

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