Gear VR is one of the more accessible VR headsets available right, as well as being a pretty comfortable fit. Before you go diving directly into VR though, you're going to want to adjust the headset so that it sits correctly on your head. After all, who wants to start enjoying VR only to move their head and have their headset slip off their face? This is how you ensure that never happens.

Adjust the straps

The big thing that you'll need to do is adjust the straps on your headset. Gear VR has 2 straps that you can mess with. The first attaches by velcro at the top of the headset, and the second attaches on the left and right of the headset using velcro. What you'll wan to do is put on your headset, and then hold it in place.

Once you've got one hand holding your headset where you ideally want it to sit, you're going to use your other hand to adjust your straps. They can be a little bit tight at first, and disorienting because you can't actually see what you're doing. It isn't difficult though. All you need to do is tighten the straps to your preferred fit.

Your headset should be firmly pressed against your face, and shouldn't move when you turn your head. If it wobbles, you'll probably want to tighten it a bit more. This can be tricky if you wear glasses though, because you need to make sure that the headset is firmly in place without hurting yourself from your glasses digging into your nose. If this is your first time with Gear VR, you may need to focus your Gear VR to avoid any blurriness.

If you have issues getting the headset firmly seated at the front of your face by yourself, you can also tag in a friend and have them tighten the straps for you. The important thing is for it to be firm and flush against your face without feeling particularly tight. You're gonna be looking around, and depending on the experience, moving a bit, so you want to ensure that the headset is going to stay precisely where you've put it.

Why it matters

Having a firm fit with your Gear VR matters more than you think it might when you first try. While having your headset slip and fall when you're sitting in the living room playing a game might be aggravating, it isn't the biggest deal ever. However, places like Six Flags have started to introduce VR roller coasters that use Gear VR. Making sure that your headset is firmly attached will ensure that you don't lose it while rocketing 70 miles an hour down hills and through loops.

While most people will probably never experience one of these Gear VR coasters, the same theory applies at home. You want a firm fit that isn't going to slide off of your face if you're ducking a projectile, or turning around to make sure you can see everything surrounding you.

Step by step directions

  1. Hold your headset to your face where you want it to sit.
  2. Using your other hand, tighten the straps on the sides and top of your Gear VR
  3. Remove your hands and move your head to make sure it's a firm fight
  4. Adjust again as necessary.


Getting a good fit with your Gear VR shouldn't take anymore than a few minutes, and if you're the only one wearing the headset, then it should be good to go for future VR adventures. Did you have issues adjusting your headset? Do you still have questions? Drop us a line below in the comments, or pop into our forums and let us know about it!

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