How do I put on my HTC Vive?

Getting a proper fit for your head-mounted display is especially important with the HTC Vive due to its room-scale function. Many games require you to duck, strafe, and spin, which can cause your Vive to become dislodged or, worst case, fly off and hit the ground. Achieving a secure fit that remains comfortable for extended periods of time is key to having a good experience. Here's how to properly fit your HTC Vive.

How to get the best fit for your HTC Vive

HTC Vive users with long hair should take a look at the orientation of the straps and figure out the best place for a ponytail or bun before proceeding.

  1. Loosen all Velcro fasteners.

    Loosen all Velcro fasteners.

  2. Pull each strap away from the display. You might have to feed the cable through the back strap.

    Pull each strap away from the display.

  3. Place the display against your face with both hands and find a comfortable position.

    Place the display against your face.

  4. Pull the straps down over the sides and back of your head. The side straps should be sitting horizontally, but shouldn't cover your ears.

    Pull the straps down over your head.

  5. Tighten and fasten the side straps simultaneously. You don't want to go too tight — this will cause facial pain!

    Tighten and fasten the side straps.

  6. Tighten and fasten the top strap. Don't go so tight that you feel the back strap pull away from your head.

    Tighten and fasten the top strap.

  7. Pull any excess cable through the strap, but allow a bit of slack.

    Pull excess cable through the strap.

This should deliver the best fit for your HTC Vive. Feel free to tweak it a little bit depending on how it feels — you want the straps supporting the weight, rather than your nose and cheeks.

It's now time to adjust the eye relief on your Vive. While looking at an image in the Vive, pull the gray rings away from the HMD and turn them in or out. You should notice the picture getting clearer or blurrier. When you reach a point you're comfortable with, push the gray rings back in to lock the eye relief in place.

Adjust the eye relief.

The Vive also features interpupillary adjustments. Rotate the knob on the side of your HMD — you'll see a set of measurements pop up in your display — until you can see clearly and don't feel any strain on your eyes. If you want to go a step further, take a ruler and measure the distance between your pupils. For more information on adjusting your lens spacing, make sure to check out our in-depth guide!

IPD adjuster.

The fit on your Vive

Do you take the time to loosen all straps, or do you pull the Vive on and go? Tell us in the comments section below!