Whether you're ready to upgrade to a bigger and better VR headset, want to downsize for awhile until new technology comes out, or think VR just isn't quite right for you, here is how to sell your VR headset!

How to prepare your VR headset

You might get a lucky bite selling your VR headset 'as is', but to maximize the chances of selling, you want to handle some preparations before posting it online.

Clean it!

One dirty Rift

Selling a dirty VR headset is just rude, nevermind how it will look in the photos you take. You'll want to do your best to get all the grime and dust off the VR headset. Here are some guides on cleaning:

Replace the sticky bits

A nice, fresh face cushion.

Most people familiar with VR understand how sweaty and gross the foam face cushion on a Rift or Vive can get after serious use. Ordering a replacement cushion is a great idea, and any potential buyers will love the idea of a fresh start.

Make sure you mention in your ad any parts you replaced, as it will only give the buyer more incentive to choose your VR.

Ensure all elements are in working order

A VR system is dependent on all its pieces to deliver a great experience. If even one piece isn't working, like an Oculus remote, consider replacing it before putting your VR system up for sale. Buyers are going to go for a solution that takes the least amount of effort, which in this case is a fully functioning VR system.

Where to sell your VR headset

There are a few websites with a large audience where you can sell your VR headset. If you'd rather sell your device locally, check out either Kijiji or Craigslist, but you most definitely won't reach as many buyers as with the following sites:

  • eBay: The online auction giant is probably your best bet for a quick sale, but not necessarily the best value for that sale.

  • Swappa: Swappa is designed for more personal transactions and frequently results in more cash in your pocket, but is a smaller service with fewer customers so your headset may not sell right away.

Tips for selling your VR headset online

When selling your VR headset online, there are a few things you should mention and include in order to get the best response possible.

Be honest

Don't market your VR headset 'as is'. Make sure you include an explanation of any wear or scratches on the VR headset. Someone spending this much money on something won't be impressed if the unit arrives in a different shape than is advertised. They might also just ignore your ad as they want to be sure they're getting a quality unit.

Include photos

PlayStation VR

Going along with the honesty point, try to include plenty of well-lit photos of the headset. You want to make the buyer comfortable that you're not trying to hide anything. If possible, include in the photo your username on the site you're selling from. Also, make sure you clean the headset before snapping photos.

Mention replacement pieces

Did you get a new Vive Wand after the first one broke? Have you replaced the foam pads around the lenses? Is all the hardware still around for mounting sensors to walls? Make sure you include this information in your copy — answering all of a buyer's questions immediately make it so much easier on both of you.

Mention system requirements or compatible phones

Anyone buying a VR headset has to be wary of system requirements. Including them in the copy of your sales pitch will take the guesswork out of the equation for the buyer. They might see your posting, see that their PC can run VR, and get so excited that they click to buy. The same goes for compatible phones!

Use a clever title

As VR headsets become more common and more go up for sale, having a generic title just won't do. For example, VR headset for sale won't get as many hits as Mint condition PlayStation VR for only $200.

Include links

PSVR vs Rift

In the copy you write, make sure you include links to sites and articles that will help you with the sale. Articles that compare one headset to other headsets will work great, as well as reviews for the headset you're selling.

Check out other prices

You don't want to set a price too high or too low — either way you won't be happy with the results. Check prices on Swappa and eBay to get a good idea of where you should sell yours. Also, consider the current condition of your VR headset when setting a price.

Looking to buy used?

If you're looking to buy a used VR headset, check out our guide on how to get the best deal!

Updated August 12, 2017: We've updated this post with best practices and added information for Daydream View.

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