PlayStation VR

Despite it's somewhat odd shape, the PlayStation VR headset is extremely comfortable. It's fairly lightweight and designed so that the weight it does have is spread evenly between the back and front of the head. It's unlike other headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which strap on in more of a 'ski mask' fashion.

But that doesn't mean you can just jump in and everything is hunky dory. Central to your overall enjoyment is being comfortable in the headset and that it's focused properly. The moving parts on PlayStation VR link comfort and focus together, so here's what you need to know to get the best of both.

How to adjust the PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

There are two buttons relating to the adjustment of the headset. One on the rear of the headband and the focus adjust button on the bottom right-hand corner of the visor. The headband has elasticity to it, but when putting the headset on the best thing to do is to push the focus adjust and slide the visor all the way out. This way you've no obstructions as you place it over your head.

Once you've got it on your head slide the back of the headband down until it feels comfortable. Push the focus button again and pull the visor up then towards your face. Most important is that the screen inside the headset is in focus, but you won't feel discomfort. And there's plenty of room for glasses, too, Sony did a nice job here.

PlayStation VR

Round back you'll find a dial and a button. Once you've strapped the headset on and adjusted the focus, you'll be mostly there. To get the best fit rotate the dial on the headband and you'll feel it tighten. Don't go crazy, but rotate it until you feel a happy balance of a secure and comfortable fit.

With the weight balanced between the back and the front of your head and no straps along the side, PlayStation VR is one of the most comfortable virtual reality headsets around. Adding to this is the fairly light rubber skin around your eyes and nose. Without any thick foam padding it's a little more important to get a good fit. Pay close attention to the nosepieces, too. You might have to slide these around your nose yourself, they have a habit of folding in on themselves.

And if they do you'll see nothing but steamy lenses within seconds!

There's no fine tuning movement on the PlayStation VR, but you should definitely wiggle it around a little. Make sure you're not seeing light leaking in from the sides and that everything feels good and the display is in focus. Only you can tell when it's right but take your time and it'll make the experience a lot better.

And when you want to take it off, best practice is to first press the headband release button on the back and then pop the focus adjust all the way out.

Cable management

PlayStation VR

There's only one cable coming out from PlayStation VR at the headset, which is terrific, but it's also important to make sure you're comfortable with it before you embark on your virtual adventure. As outlined in our full setup guide, as the cable is on the left of the headset if at all possible have the processor unit on the left of your body.

This way the cable will fall straight down and off to the console. If you have it on the right hand side you'll have to loop it round you which is neither comfortable nor recommended. Keep those cables away from potential tangles and trips. PlayStation VR isn't room scale, so at least you shouldn't be going so far that you're going to start tripping over, but it's still something to be aware of.

PlayStation VR is extremely consumer friendly in that it's minimal on cables and very comfortable to wear. It's pretty straight forward to adjust and doesn't take long to get a feel for.

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