The best part of VR is the sense of falling into a world that is not quite your own. For you to really enjoy it you need a seamless experience that makes you forget that you are wearing a headset. Some folks have been having issues with lag, and choppy experiences when they boot up their Gear VR. Thankfully we have some tips to help ensure that doesn't happen to you.

Close other apps

One of the first things that you can do to ensure that your phone runs at it's best while within your Gear VR, is to close background applications. This means making sure that you don't have Pandora or Facebook open in the background. While it seems like a very small thing, it can actually make a significant difference. So before you jump into Gunjack, make sure that the only thing your phone has to concentrate on is running VR.

This also includes making sure that you have turned off the battery saver mode. While it's rare that the battery saver mode will cause any stuttering, it has happened to a few people. By turning it off while you're playing in VR you can make sure that your phone doesn't throttle your Gear VR while you're trying to destroy barriers from within Smash Hit.

Make sure your software is up to date

If you're just getting started with Gear VR, and your phone is fresh out of the box there are a few steps you'll need to take to make sure you won't experience any issues while within VR. Namely, this comes in the form of making sure that all of your software is completely up to date.

This includes both the Oculus software — which gets periodic updates — and the main software on your phone. Additionally, making sure that your games are as up to date as possible. For new users this is pretty easy, since you'll be downloading the most up to date versions of Oculus as well as games. If you've been playing in VR for a while, and have started to notice issues then it's time to check the Oculus store to make sure that no updates have been released that you have missed.

Let your phone cool down

There is a final reason that you may be having issues while playing on your Gear VR, if your phone starts to overheat. Once your phone becomes too hot, it's going to stop working at it's optimum. This means that you'll experience lag, along with jittery performance. If your phone becomes too hot, you'll get a warning that you can no longer run your VR headset.

If this happens, your best bet is to remove your phone, and let it cool down for a little while. If you attempt to use it after it's gotten too hot, you can expect to have an overall jittery and slow experience. Until it adequately cools down, there just isn't much to be done. Thankfully, these overheating issues only seem to crop up inside Gear VR when you've been using it for an extended period of time.