HTC's Deluxe Audio Strap, which as the name suggests adds headphones to the actual headset, is finally available to purchase. If you're planning on picking on up, there's a few things you need to know about how to attach this accessory to your Vive without doing any damage to the headset or your new strap. Here's a quick guide for removing the current strap and attaching the new one!

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Removing your current strap

Step one needs to be clearing away the existing hardware, and to do this you need to disconnect the strap from the headset in three places. The first is easy, the velcro attachment at the top of the headset needs to be undone and pulled through its loop. The next two pieces are less straightforward.

The two side connections, where the Vive logo lives, need to be removed. You do this by pressing in on the plastic area and forcefully rotating the logo 90-degrees, or so it is pointing to the ground. Getting to this point will involve feeling some resistance, followed by a lout crack as the fasteners leave their locked position. It sounds an awful lot like you just broke your Vive but everything is fine.

Once you hear that crack, wiggle the plastic a little and it will disconnect from the headset. Repeat these steps for the other side of the headset, and slide the strap off of the 3-in-1 cable it is now attached to.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Undo the velcro fastener and remove it from the loop.
  2. Rotate the left side fastener until it points straight down or you hear a cracking sound
  3. Pull the left side fastener out of its socket
  4. Repeat for the right side of the headset
  5. Slide the strap off of the attached 3-in-1 cable

How to attach the Deluxe Audio Strap

Now that you have nothing in the way, it's time to attach the new strap. Start by connecting the side fasteners by pressing the center hole on the strap edge into the pin on the headset. No need to twist anything here, and no cracking sound. Just push the socket into place. Finish this up by adding the velcro strap at the top to the loop, and close the velcro edge against itself to seal.

Now you need to connect the headphones. Star by gently removing the top faceplate on your Vive, which you do by placing your thumbs behind the cables feeding into your headset and pushing forward. You'll hear a snap, and the plastic lid will slide forward a little. It's very important to avoid using additional force here, as the ports these cables are connected to are delicate. Slide the lid out of the way, and you'll see four cables running into the headset. The round cable closest to the edge of the headset is the one you need to remove, so you can install the jack for the new headphones. Keep this cable, just in case you need it later.

Now all you need to do is close the headset back up and try the headset on for the first time with this new strap.

Here's how to get the best fit with your HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap!

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Connect the left and right fasteners to the exposed pins on the headset
  2. Attach the velcro strap to the loop
  3. Gently remove the top faceplate on the Vive
  4. Remove the headphone cable currently installed
  5. Install the Deluxe Audio Strap headphone jack
  6. Re-attach the top faceplace on the Vive

Time to enjoy!

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

You're all finished! Be sure to tell us what you think of your new Deluxe Audio Strap in the comments!

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