When it comes to streaming your gameplay, we've seen leaps and bounds of progress from services like Twitch, and Beam. You can also livestream to Facebook, using Instagram, or share short videos on Snapchat. If you've ever wanted to show your friends the awesome things that you can do with your Gear VR in realtime, now it's entirely possible. That's right, you can now livestream right from your Gear VR to Facebook, and we've got the details for you.

Livestreaming to Facebook

Chances are you've either watched, or hosted a livestream on Facebook. In these streams you get to see what your friends, or that person that you follow online, is up to, all in live time. These can be anything from a pregnancy announcement, to gameplay, to dealing with the general public at parks and festivals.

While livestreaming to Facebook from your Gear VR wasn't really feasible before, it is now, and it's far easier than you think. All you need to do is hold the back button, choose livestream to Facebook, and then you're good to go! It's ridiculously easy, and simple to set up, making it a fun way to share your VR adventures with friends.

While it is easy to set up and use, you also have access to a few different settings that you can tweak. If you don't want to share audio, you can just turn off the microphone settings. If you'd prefer that your friends get to hear your commentary as you play, then be sure to keep the microphone on. Just remember that to record clear audio, you'll need to be wearing headphones.

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You also have the option to adjust who can see your livestream. By hovering over your name in the livestream setting you can choose between letting anyone see your livestream, having only friends be able to access it, or making it a private stream that only you can see. You'll be able to see which setting you've chosen directly under your name, making it easy to be sure you've got the privacy selection you intended on.

Once you have started streaming you'll see two things. First you'll see your profile screen, with an added line at the bottom of the screen telling you that you are currently live on Facebook. You'll also see a floating red dot to remind you that you are currently streaming.

At the bottom of the profile screen is an option

You also have the option to adjust your mic settings while streaming. This can be particularly handy if you need to say something to a roommate that your viewers don't necessarily need to know about. It's an option at the very bottom of the screen when you are viewing your profile in the settings.

Once you are done streaming, all you need to do is open your profile in the settings. At the bottom of the screen is an option to end your livestream. After you finish a stream you'll also get an update with the numbers of viewers, reactions, and comments to your stream.

Step by step instructions

  1. Open Oculus home with your Gear VR
  2. Hold the back button
  3. Select 'Livestream to Facebook' at the bottom of the screen
  4. Connect your Facebook account to Oculus if you have not done so already
  5. Choose to turn your audio options on or off
  6. Begin livestreaming!

Will you be streaming?

Facebook is where many people go during their breaks during the day, and after they get home. It's where they communicate with friends, and even check up on the news of the day. So it makes sense that it's the place where you might want to share your adventured with Gear VR. Thankfully this is an easy process, no matter how long you've spent in VR.

Are you excited about this feature? Have you considered a live stream to Facebook? Be sure to drop us a line in the comments, and let us know!

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