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Creating an avatar for social experiences isn't a new idea, especially in VR. What makes the Oculus Avatars special is the ability to use that same Avatar across many different apps. All you need to do it set up your design once, and you're ready to go. Here's what you need to know!

The Oculus Avatar Editor is a great big virtual dressing room for your Oculus Avatar. Through this app, you can personalize your character however you see fit. The whole app exists in front of a virtual mirror, with you looking into that mirror and seeing your virtual self. Don't like what you see? Use the icons on the edges of the mirror to change it up!

There are many different options for face type, hair, and facial hair. As you set up the basic shape for your Avatar, you'll notice it in martially transparent and a little glowy. Rather than go for skin realism or animated second selves, Oculus Avatars have an almost spectral look to them. It's almost like your virtual self has been pulled from your mind and now lives in this other reality.

Editing your Oculus Avatar is easy. The sides of the mirror you see in front of you have several options for personalization. You can adjust the face accessories, the color of the Avatar, and you can choose what clothes the top half of your glowing apparition will wear. If you decide this is all too much, you can tap the random button on the glass and get a huge variety of pre-built options for you to choose from.

Once you've finished editing your Oculus Avatar to suit your needs, you're basically done. If you feel like celebrating you creation of your Avatar, you can tap the Selfie button and grab a quality shot of virtual you staring into middle distance because it makes your virtual self look more distinguished.

You can even change the background of your virtual selfie to anything from the massive list of options available, and once you have those perfect shots you can easily share with friends that aren't in VR right now. You know, to show them how much fun they aren't having right now.

From here, you can choose to exit the app and know that any Gear VR app with Oculus Avatar support will pull your creation to represent you in their headset. These Avatars move just like you, so as you not your head or rock back and forth to music the people you play games with online will see your Avatar do those things.

Want to know where you can take your new Oculus Avatar? Currently, these are the supported apps:

Samsung Gear VR



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