The update which brought the ability to livestream your Gear VR adventures directly to Facebook. While this feature allows you to easily share many of the games, apps, and experiences on your Gear VR. There is one small issue. That being that when you livestream, everyone that you are connected to gets a notification. While there is a way around this, it definitely isn't ideal, and won't let your friends watch while you play.

Can I adjust who can see me livestreaming?

The easy answer to this, is yes. You have three options when it comes to who can see that you are livestreaming. You can make the video private, limit it to the folks on your friends list, or make it public. You can decide which of these options you want to utilize depending on what kind of content you plan on livestreaming.

Once you choose which privacy option is the right one for you, it will become the default. This of course means that you won't need to adjust it each time you decide to broadcast a livestream. Just remember that if you choose self, the video uploaded to Facebook will only be viewable to you unless you edit the actual post.

How do I adjust my Facebook livestream privacy options?

  1. Open Oculus on your Gear VR.
  2. Press and hold the back button.
  3. Tap Livestream to Facebook.
  4. Tap your name
  5. Tap the privacy setting you want to use.

How do I avoid notifying everyone on my friends list about my livestream?

This is where things get a little bit more complicated. Currently, you only have three options for the privacy settings on your livestream, but no way to adjust who does or doesn't get a notification. This means that there is an all or nothing mentality. That is, either everyone will get a notification, or no one will. So you'll need to make the decision between making sure friends who want to watch livestreams of your game get notifications, or settling for no one being able to watch your video in live time.

If you're cool with your friends being able to view your VR adventures later on, then you still have an option. You can livestream under the self privacy option and record your gameplay. Once you finish your stream login to Facebook and change the privacy setting to Friends, or Public. At this point your friends will be able to see your video.

Have you been livestreaming to Facebook?

While the new addition of livestreaming to Facebook really is fantastic, the inability to adjust who gets notified when you are streaming is a bit problematic. While it's unfortunate, it seems that for the time being the only way to avoid sending out mass notifications is to livestream with the privacy set to self, and then later change the setting on the post to public. While certainly not ideal, we are hopeful for an update down the line that will give more notification options to users.

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