How to manually set your IPD in PlayStation VR

Unlike the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR doesn't have a slider or a dial on it that lets you physically set the interpupillary distance (IPD) in your headset. Instead, PSVR has software that takes a picture of your face and lets you move crosshairs onto your eyes. The rest is all handled automatically. Unfortunately, this process isn't quite exact, and it might take you quite a few tries to actually get it right.

Why worry about IPD? If it isn't right, your image can be blurry, resulting in eye strain and headaches. To get the perfect IPD and a perfect image, Reddit user Vlaid created a chart that shows how to manually (yet not physically) change the interpupillary distance in PlayStation VR. It works great and is much more precise than relying on the software.

Measure your eyes

The first step you want to do is measure the distance between your eyes using a physical ruler and a mirror.

  1. Hold the ruler over your nose so that it's just below your eyes.
  2. Close your left eye.
  3. Look directly into your right pupil and line the end of the ruler up to the center of your pupil. From this point on, don't move the ruler.
  4. Open your left eye and close your right eye.
  5. Look directly into your left pupil and note the number in millimeters.

This measurement is your interpupillary distance and will be used in the next section. Write it down!

Manually set your IPD on PlayStation 4

Now that you know exactly what your IPD is using the method above, you can jump to your PS4 and, using the chart, you can manually set your IPD.

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Devices.

    Select Settings. Select Devices.

  3. Select PlayStation VR.
  4. Select Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance.

    Select PlayStation VR. Select Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance.

  5. Select Next.
  6. Select OK.

    Select Next. Select OK.

  7. Select Take Photos. Note that you don't need to be anywhere near the camera for this — just take a picture of whatever is in the room.
  8. Select Yes, Confirm.

    Select Take Photos. Select Yes Confirm.

  9. Select OK.
  10. Move the left crosshair in the left camera a certain number of times using the D-pad — reference the chart below to see how many clicks to go. For example, if your IPD is 59mm, you'll want to move the left crosshair five clicks to the right.

    Select OK. Move the left crosshair.

  11. Hit X on your controller.
  12. Hit X again on your controller to leave the right crosshair in the left camera in its default spot.

    Hit X. Hit X again.

  13. Move the left crosshair in the right camera the same number of times as you moved the left crosshair in the left camera. For example, I will again move the left crosshair five clicks to the right.
  14. Hit X on your controller.

    Move the left crosshair. Hit X.

  15. Hit X again on your controller to leave the right crosshair in the right camera in its default spot.
  16. Select OK.

    Hit X again. Select OK.

Your interpupillary distance will now be set to the same number you measured with a ruler.

Interpupillary distance chart for PlayStation VR

Here is the chart for quick reference. The number of clicks corresponds to how many times you move the left crosshair in both cameras with the D-pad on your DualShock 4 controller.

Interpupillary distance Number of clicks
48mm 18 to the right
49mm 17 to the right
50mm 16 to the right
51mm 15 to the right
52mm 14 to the right
53mm 13 to the right
54mm 11 to the right
55mm 10 to the right
56mm 9 to the right
57mm 7 to the right
58mm 6 to the right
59mm 5 to the right
60mm 4 to the right
61mm 3 to the right
62mm 1 to the right
63mm Choose default settings or don't move crosshairs
64mm 1 to the left
65mm 2 to the left
66mm 3 to the left
67mm 5 to the left
68mm 6 to the left
69mm 7 to the left
70mm 8 to the left
71mm 9 to the left
72mm 11 to the left
73mm 12 to the left
74mm 13 to the left
75mm 14 to the left
76mm 15 to the left
77mm 17 to the left
78mm 18 to the left

Again, thanks to Vlaird for testing how many clicks it takes and for turning people onto this neat trick.

Did it work for you and is your PSVR image less blurry? What is your IPD? Let us know!

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