How to mirror Oculus Home on your desktop

When you launch the Oculus app from your desktop, you normally have to don the head-mounted display in order to see Oculus Home. Not anymore!

A clever member of the Oculus subreddit, NeoZeroo, created a neat little program called HomeUnhider that unhides Oculus Home on your desktop. Use your keyboard and mouse in Oculus Home while your Rift sits next to you — here's all you need to know!

How to download and install HomeUnhider

  1. Launch the Oculus app from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  2. Launch your favorite web browser from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.

    Launch the Oculus app. Launch a web browser.

  3. Navigate to the HomeUnhider download file.
  4. Click Save. Your download will begin.

    Navigate to the download page. Click Save.

  5. Launch File Explorer from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  6. Click Downloads.

    Launch File Explorer. Click Downloads.

  7. Right-click
  8. Click Extract All.

    Right-click the ZIP file. Click Extract All.

  9. Click Extract.
  10. Double-click HomeUnhider.exe.

    Click Extract. Double-click HomeUnhider.exe

A window will now pop up on your desktop that mirrors whatever you're seeing within Oculus Home.

How to use HomeUnhider

Oculus Home on your desktop

Now that you have an Oculus Home window on your desktop, you can resize it using your mouse. Do not try to make it fullscreen, as it will just disappear.

Using HomeUnhider means you don't necessarily need to have the Rift on your face, so you can use your keyboard and mouse to navigate. Here are the controls.

Device Xbox Controller Mouse / Keyboard
A Left-click / Spacebar
B Right-click / Esc
D-pad Arrow keys

Give it a try?

Let us know how HomeUnhider works with your Rift in the comments section!