When you suddenly have more options for VR, the world just gets more awesome. That's the case for Galaxy S8 users who are now able to use their one phone for both Gear VR and Daydream View. Since Daydream is the shiny new option, you might be wondering exactly what you need to do to jump into everything that Daydream has to offer!

You probably want a new headset

Samsung Galaxy S8 Daydream

If you're in possession of a Galaxy S8, then you're already halfway to making the jump to Daydream. For now, the Galaxy S8 is the only phone capable of running both Gear VR, and Daydream. If you don't have an S8, then you'll need to grab a compatible phone before you do anything else. Of course, the next things that you'll need to do is pick up a Daydream headset.

The Daydream headset comes with the remote that you'll need to navigate the UI. You can order one from the Google Store, or Amazon. If you prefer going shopping in person, certain big box retailers like Best Buy also carry it. Either way, you can expect to pay $79.00 when you snag this headset for yourself.

If you don't want to shell out for a new headset, you can technically keep your Gear VR headset and use that. It's not the smoothest process to enable Daydream in your Gear VR, but it is possible.

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While you can use the Gear VR headset, you can not use the Gear VR controller. You need a Daydream controller, and for now that means buying one from Virtoba. The S1 Daydream controller from Virtoba is only $20, and will give you every feature a standard Daydream Controller from Google will offer. Add this to your Gear VR, and you have everything you need to run Daydream without picking up a new headset.

See at Newegg

Grab some apps for your new headset

The next step is to download a few Daydream apps from the ever growing library. Unfortunately, you won't be able to migrate your favorite Gear VR apps to Daydream. While there are are a lot of apps and games on both Daydream and Gear VR, you'll need to re-buy any apps you bought on one platform in order to use them on the other.

There's plenty here to draw you in, from great videos to games that will have you spending more time in VR than you're likely to admit. Once you download and install a few apps for your Daydream headset, then it's time to get started with Daydream.

One of the big things to remember with Daydream is that you're accessing a library with many exclusive titles that never appeared on the Oculus Store. This also means that you'll need to start from scratch in terms of building a library. Thankfully, there are tons of great apps that are available for absolutely free.


Do you still have questions about moving from Gear VR to Daydream? Have you made the switch? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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