Everybody has navigated to YouTube at least once, whether it's for a movie trailer, a music video, or just a news clip that they want to watch. What you may not have realized is that YouTube has a pretty significant offering of 360 degree videos that can be enjoyed from within VR. If you've found one of these videos, and you're ready to watch it in VR you may have a pretty obvious question. 'How in the devil do I open this YouTube link in Daydream?' Well have no fear, it's simple and we have the details for you here.

What you need to do

The absolute first thing that you need to do in order to enjoy 360 degree YouTube videos in your Daydream headset is to use either Chrome or the normal YouTube app on your phone. Take some time and find a video you want to watch, and then add it to a playlist. You can create a new playlist, build a playlist of multiple videos, all that matters is that the video you are interested in watching in VR is in that playlist.

From here you can put on your headset, and jump into VR. Next, navigate to Daydream's YouTube app and open it. At this point you'll want to open up the playlist where you saved the 360 degree videos, and play the video of your choice. This will launch that 360 degree video from within the app, letting you enjoy the video in it's true immerse glory.

Step by step instructions

  1. Navigate to YouTube.
  2. Find the 360 degree video you want to watch.
  3. Save this video to a playlist.
  4. Open Daydream and jump into VR
  5. Navigate to the YouTube Daydream app
  6. Open your playlists
  7. Choose the 360 degree video from the playlist and enjoy!

Why does it need that extra step?

While it'd be super handy, and ridiculously awesome if you could just navigate to a 360 degree YouTube video and then have it open, the infrastructure is just not quite there yet. With Chrome VR rolling out, it's entirely possible that within a few months you'll be able to jump directly from YouTube into Daydream mode as soon as you find an awesome video that needs to be viewed in VR. We just aren't quite there yet. While you may see the cardboard icon at the bottom of your screen while browsing Youtube, this will not jump you into Daydream mode. Instead, for the time being it will open up the Cardboard YouTube viewer, which does not support these types of videos. For the time being, all we can really do is wait until the tech catches up, thankfully it's already in the works.


Being able to easily move from YouTube browsing, to watching videos in VR isn't a pipe dream anymore. While it does take a few minutes to find and save that video before jumping into VR, things are definitely getting easier than they have ever been before. Have you been watching 360 degree videos on YouTube using Daydream? Is there a method that we didn't mention? Be sure to drop by our forums and let us know about it!