If you're experiencing connectivity issues with your HTC Vive controllers, there's a chance your controllers have unpaired from your HTC Vive headset. Indicated by a blue LED on your controller, here's how to get them talking again!

Pairing your HTC Vive controllers

If setting up an HTC Vive for the first time, both included controllers should be paired with the headset already. As covered in the setup process, the controllers should automatically connect to the headset when initially powered on.

If for any reason your HTC Vive controllers aren't paired with the headset, the following steps can be used to reconnect them. This also applies for those who have purchased replacement controllers or reset their previously paired controllers that entered an unresponsive state.

  • Open SteamVR.
  • Open the drop-down menu on the Steam VR desktop client.
  • Select Devices > Pair Controller.

Once you've accessed the controller pairing feature, here's how to pair each controller!

  • Press the App and System buttons, which will send the headset into pairing mode. This is indicated by a blue flashing LED above the System button.
  • Wait for the LED to turn green and a simultaneous high pitch tone.

After you hear the tone, take a look for an on-screen confirmation message to check your controller has paired successfully! If you're experiencing any issues with pairing and connectivity, make sure to explore our other solutions!

Being based on the same technology, both the Vive Tracker and upcoming Knuckles controllers should also use a similar pairing system when they officially debut to the public.

Updated July 12, 2017: Refreshed this article to ensure the steps still work following the recent SteamVR Home update.

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