With the arrival of Windows 10, the ability to stream console games over a local network was introduced to the masses. Provided you had a full version of Windows 10 and an Xbox One console, games could be wireless streamed when away from the living room.

Microsoft has now rolled out the Xbox One Streaming application for Oculus Rift – allowing owners of the headset to play their Xbox One games in virtual reality. Offering a large, curved display in a variety of virtual locales, players can immerse themselves in their own immersive theater.

Here's how to get started with the app, and enjoy your Xbox One games in virtual reality!

Before diving into Xbox One streaming in virtual reality, there are currently a few requirements you should be aware of. To take advantage of the feature your PC should be running an up-to-date version of Windows 10. You should also have access to an Xbox One controller or any other supported gamepad.

Although other desktop VR headsets are available, only the Oculus Rift currently supports Xbox One streaming. Even though third-party applications are available that configure Oculus Rift games for the HTC Vive, the design of the Xbox streaming app render these useless for now.

How to get started with playing your Xbox One in virtual reality

  1. Before setup, make sure to enable game streaming on your Xbox One. Go to Settings > Preferences and check Allow game streaming to other devices.
  2. Connect an Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC. For more information on configuring an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller for virtual reality, check out our in-depth guide!
  3. Install the Xbox One Streaming app via the Oculus store.
  4. Start Xbox One Streaming. When opened for the first time, the app will start searching for an Xbox One on your network. If you're encountering any errors, make sure your Xbox One is turned on, connected to the same network and is open to streaming.
  5. If multiple consoles are on your network, a list of available devices will appear. Choose your console from this list.
  6. When confirmed, the console's output will be automatically streamed to your Oculus Rift.

You should now see your Xbox One dashboard on your Oculus Rift's display, inside a virtual environment. From here you can play any games on your Xbox One, alongside a multitude of applications. Watch out for some of the restricted media apps, due to streaming restrictions attached to the content they provide.

Are you planning to use Xbox One Streaming with your Oculus Rift? Have any initial impressions? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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