Oculus Touch is a big step forward, and now you can order one. {.intro}

As announced during the Oculus Connect 3 keynote, October 10th is the first day you can pre-order Oculus Touch controllers for shipping in December. If you're not sure you need Oculus Touch to enhance your VR experiences, check out our extended hands on with the hardware. If you're ready to jump in right now and get yourself some new VR experiences with your Oculus Rift, here's what you need to know.

Early Access

If you pre-ordered the original Oculus Rift kit, check your email. You'll find something from Oculus inviting you to participate in "priority status" pre-order. This means you have a guaranteed early spot in line, but only if you order before 11:59pm PT on Thursday, October 27. You'll have a link in the email from Oculus, but all you really need to do is pre-order Oculus Touch with the same account you pre-ordered the original Oculus Rift kit.

Once you complete the pre-order process, you'll get an email confirming early arrival. Congrats!

General Pre-order

If you're not one of those who pre-ordered an original Oculus Rift, all you need to do is head to the Oculus website after 3PM Eastern on October 10th and pre-order the Oculus touch controller kit. This kit is the middle option in the list of three things you can buy from Oculus, and includes the second camera sensor you need in order to enjoy the new Touch experiences that will be available on launch day.

Once you complete the pre-order process, you'll get an email confirming the order process. Shipping is expected to start in December, and you'll have shipping details once that process starts.

What about room-scale mode?

Oculus says the full room-scale mode that will be enabled in Oculus Home is going to be available in December alongside Oculus Touch, but you need a third camera sensor in order to get that feature on your setup. That third camera sensor is not available for pre-order, so you will need to wait until Oculus has made that third camera available to purchase before you are able to complete this setup process. It's likely Oculus will make this camera available to order once Oculus Touch controllers are shipping, but currently that purchase option is unavailable.

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