How to prepare your HTC Vive for Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the hotly anticipated game that many VR and Trek fans have been waiting for forever, is finally dropping May 30, 2017. The ability to sit on the bridge of the USS Aegis and work as a team with your friends on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR is bound to be popular, but how can you get your Vive ready for what promises to be an authentic Trek experience? Here are a few tips to ensure your bridge station is as good as possible.

Get comfortable with your HTC Vive

It's hard to deny that you'll be spending a lot of time in your chair, as Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a sit-only deal. The nature of the game also means you'll probably have the Vive strapped to your head for long periods of time, so you want to make sure it's as comfortable there as possible. There are a few solutions to consider. For plenty more great accessories, check out our roundup.

HTC Vive accessory guide

Extra Vive covers


VRCovers makes some great products designed to uphold hygiene and keep the Vive as comfortable as possible. The velour replacements for the stock foam around the inside of the headset work great if you don't wear glasses.

For those of you with frames, you might want to check out the cotton foam covers that don't take up as much space.

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A comfortable gaming or office chair

Your butt and back will thank you. You'll no doubt be sitting a lot, and because you use the Vive wands to make adjustments on a virtual control panel, you'll probably be doing a fair bit of leaning forward. A proper gaming or office chair can make the difference between one more foray into the abyss and you giving up to massage your sore rear end. For a good selection of some of the best chairs available, check out these roundups from Windows Central.

Clean your HTC Vive

This should be common practice, but now that you won't be jumping around in a room-scale setup, your Vive shouldn't get as sweaty. What a perfect opportunity to give it a deep clean! Dropping it into the dishwasher just won't do; take care giving it a scrub, and follow our guide to ensure no harm comes to your Vive.

How to clean your HTC Vive

Change up your VR space

Change up your VR space

You're going to be sitting the entire time you're playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew, so if you have your VR space set up for room-scale Vive, you might have to make some changes.

First, your chair should be in a spot where the Lighthouses have a clear view of your hands. They're going to be doing most of the moving, so you don't want the Lighthouses losing sight of them. If your chair is on rollers, you'll want to also keep them from rolling around.

The least painful way to set up your Vive Lighthouses

Next, clear plenty of space in front of you. The controls on the bridge of the USS Aegis appear quite wide, so you might also want to clear room to the sides. Sitting directly in front of your desk just won't do here.

Finally, re-run the Vive setup. The Guardian system will need to be reset for the new placement of the furniture, and especially if the Lighthouses were moved to new positions.

Pre-order the game

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew has a Vive listing on Steam, but unfortunately pre-orders are being handled by Ubisoft. Just navigate to their site, choose HTC Vive, and check out.

See at Ubisoft

If you don't mind waiting until the game becomes available on Steam — say you have a high-speed internet connection — it's also available from there.

See at Steam

Most important?

Things are going to get intense when the Klingons come knocking, and your crew will need to communicate with precision in order to stay alive. Expect a lot of official-sounding speech, including the words "port" and "starboard." Do you know which one is which?

Port and Starboard

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