I don't know many people who wouldn't be excited by the opportunity to feel like you're standing on the bridge of a starship with your friends, going on missions and defending the Federation from all the dangers of the Quadrant. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is making that happen in the best possible way, and it's happening across all of the major VR headsets available today. That's an exciting proposition, but it also means you're going to want a few things ready by the time this game launches. Before you go looking up the best angle for bouncing graviton particle beams, our guide will get you ready for space with ease!

Assemble your parts

Oculus Touch

Star Trek: Bridge Crew has a couple of simple requirements for Oculus Rift. You need a chair to sit in, a PC that can handle all of the current Oculus Rift titles, and Oculus Touch controllers. If you've been waiting for the best time to pick up Touch controllers, now would be the time. The price has come down, so make sure you have yours delivered by the end of the month.

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You're also going to want to grab a copy of the game early. You'll be able to buy the game at 3am Eastern on May 30th from the Oculus Store, but if you want to get the purchase out of the way now you can pre-order a game code and have it ready to go as soon as it's available from Oculus.

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Now that we've for the obvious stuff out of the way, lets get your environment ready to game!

Ready your playspace

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Unlike most Oculus Touch games, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is entirely seated. You're operating one of the four main stations onboard your starship, so walking around isn't going to happen. What you will be doing is reaching out and interacting with instrument panels all around your station. That means you need to not be colliding with desks or lamps. Make sure you have:

  • Arms-length clearance in every direction
  • Rift Sensors placed so your controllers can be seen from every angle
  • A chair that won't slide around if you're moving around quickly

The biggest thing you can do to prepare your playspace for this game is re-calibrate your space. This will ensure there are no problems with drift, make sure the Guardian system is giving the most accurate boundaries, and keep you from accidentally smacking your controllers into anything.

Clean your Rift

You don't want any surprises when you're supposed to be playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Make sure your headset, controllers, and Constellation sensors are clean and ready for use. Check your Touch batteries while you're at it!

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One last thing

This might be the most important part of preparing yourself for this game. It could be the difference between being the best crewman on the mission and a laughingstock of the entire Federation. Are you ready?

See you on May 30th!

Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift


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