So you've been enjoying playing with your Google Cardboard unit, and checking out the variety of games and apps that you can use with it. Maybe you want to show off the awesome games you've been playing on Youtube, or maybe you just want to share your gameplay with your friends to show them how awesome VR is. Either way, we've got a few ways that you can record your gameplay.

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Use a screen capture app

On Android phones, this is fairly easy. The first way that you can record your gameplay, and the method that requires the least technology is by using a screen capture app. There are tons of apps that on the Google Play Store that you can use to record your gameplay, but our favorite is Google's YouTube Gaming app. It's free on the Play Store, and has everything you need to record gameplay right off your phone.

After you've downloaded the app, things are pretty simple. There's a recording button right on the homescreen of the app, which will ask you what quality you want to record in. Usually, 720p is your best bet. Once it has started to record, the next step is to launch your Google Cardboard app of choice. Go ahead and play for a few minutes while you record. After you've got a few minutes of gameplay in, close the Google Cardboard app and stop recording. When you play back the video you'll be able to see your gameplay, and share it however you'd like.

Use Chromecast and a video capture

The second method is slightly more involved. You'll need a Chromecast, along with a screen capture device like an Elgato Game Capture HD. You'll want to cast your phone to your television, and make sure that the Elgato is recording. Then, just go ahead and play your game for as long as you want to record.

When you're done playing, close the Cardboard app on your phone and stop recording on your capture card. At this point you'll be able to save and export your recording so that it can be shared wherever you'd like to upload the video. This means you can play it for friends when they come over to the house, or post it up on Youtube.

As you can see it's pretty easy to record, and then share your Google Cardboard gameplay. Whether you only have access to your phone, or you've got some fancier equipment on hand, you can definitely record all of those awesome Cardboard games and experiences you've been checking out. Do you still have questions about recording your Cardboard gameplay? Be sure to ask away in the comments below!

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