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Some of us want nothing more than to put on our Starfleet uniform, head into a room with four VR headsets and three similarly dressed friends, and play Star Trek: Bridge Crew all day. That doesn't really work out well in reality for several reasons, not the least of which is actually putting four VR headsets in a large enough room can be complicated an expensive.

That doesn't mean it's impossible, but it does mean you're going to want to tweak your settings even if you're able to get two people in the same room for this game. Here's what you need to know!

Give everyone lots of space

This one should be obvious, but I'm going to spell it out anyway. You need to make sure every VR station you set up has a full arm and a half reach worth of free space around them. This game includes reaching around in every direction, but it also lets people recenter their view to where they are sitting which could lead to some players drifting a little during a match in order to be more comfortable.

Make sure tracking cameras are far away from anything that can interfere, make sure everyone has more than a single arms reach worth of free space, and make sure tracking sensors can actually see without interference. Mess up any one of these things, and you're likely to lose a player in the middle of a match.

Disable your microphone or adjust crew volume

If you're playing one or more people locally but still playing online with others, there's a good chance everyone speaking in the same room is going to be coming through each of the microphones currently broadcasting into the matchmaking room. This is terribly distracting, and needs to be addressed before a mission starts.

Disable microphone

If you don't want to give other people something to go, head into your system settings on your PC or PlayStation 4 and temporarily disable your microphone. This will make all of the audio come through the other headset, which will be confusing to anyone looking at your player's face for audio sync, but it's way less irritating to other players than dual audio with a slight delay.

Adjust crew volume

If you're playing with people who are in the same room, you can pick a player and reduce their volume on your end. Press the Menu button on your controller, locate the player you want to silence, and drag their volume slider all the way to the left. This doesn't mute someone 100% but it reduces the volume enough to make it considerably less distracting.

Double-up where you can

This tip only really applies to HTC Vive owners. If you have a friend who also owns a Vive and you want to play Bridge Crew together, remember that you don't need to bring your Lighthouses to them. Vive systems can feed tracking data into multiple Vive headsets with a single set of Lighthouses, so as long as the room you are playing is is big enough for both headsets to be comfortably far apart, you can share a single set of Lighthouses.

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