Get the best start in life with PlayStation VR with our handy set up guide!

So, you have or will be picking up a PlayStation VR, now where do you begin? Without sounding silly, the first thing you have to do is get it out of the box and set it up.

Sony includes a fairly conclusive set of instructions in the box. But, for the very best experience, there are a few tips and tricks we recommend as well that go outside of this.

How to set up the PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

Before you think about plugging anything in you need to make sure you've got enough space to move around freely. PlayStation VR doesn't require the open space something like the HTC Vive does, but you also don't want to be pinned up against the TV or a desk. Most titles will make sure you're correctly positioned in front of the camera before you dive in, too, but try to make sure you have somewhere to put it where it's going to be head height if you're sitting down for a good base.

Then it's a case of following the steps and getting everything connected:

  1. Power off your PlayStation 4 completely. Don't leave it in rest mode.
  2. Take the HDMI out of the back of the PlayStation 4 and put it into the HDMI TV port on the Playstation VR processor unit.
  3. Make sure to connect your PlayStation Camera to the Aux port on the back of the console.

    PlayStation VR

  4. Take the HDMI cable labelled number 1 and plug this in to the HDMI PS4 port on the processor unit and the HDMI output on the PlayStation 4.
  5. Grab the USB Cable labelled number 2 and plug in to one of the USB ports on the PlayStation 4 while connecting the other end to the processor unit.
  6. Connect the power adapter to the processor unit.

    PlayStation VR

  7. Slide back the cover on the processor unit and plug in the VR headset cable labelled number 4.
  8. The connectors will only go in their correct ports, but to make it easier they're labelled with the logos from the DualShock controller buttons. Just match them up.

    PlayStation VR

  9. Plug the PlayStation VR headset into the cable attached in steps 7 and 8.
  10. Again, match up the symbols for ease.

    PlayStation VR

  11. Plug either the supplied earbuds or your own headphones into the inline remote.
  12. Power everything on!

At first power up you'll be taken through some basic setup steps inside the headset and you'll almost certainly have a software update to apply. Your console should be up to date so long as you accept updates when they're available, but the headset will need one out of the box. You'll be prompted on what to do, so just follow what you see on screen!

PlayStation VR set up tips

PlayStation VR

So far we've covered the basics on how to get set up. But here are a few tips and tricks you won't find in the official guides that should help you get a leg up.

  • Make sure you don't point the PlayStation Camera at a light source or a window. Both could interfere with tracking the lights on the headset which in turn will have an effect on your experience.
  • There are a lot of cables with PlayStation VR. There's no easy way to suggest keeping them all in control, but since the headset cable is going to be on the left hand side of your head, if you can, maybe have the processor unit to your left, too. This way you're not wrapping yourself in cord.
  • Charge all the things! As silly as it sounds, make sure you've charged your Move controllers and your DualShock 4 before you go inside PlayStation VR. Nothing sucks more than taking off the headset to charge a controller!

Above make sure you're comfortable before you get under way. VR is a completely new experience compared to anything else you've experienced on your PlayStation before and it might take some getting used to.

If you've got any set up tips and tricks to share be sure to hit the comments or jump into the PlayStation VR forums!