How to set up your Oculus Rift quickly and efficiently

Setting up and tearing down your Oculus Rift setup takes a relatively short amount of time based on the fun you get out of it. When you need to move, you unplug the head-mounted display (HMD), unplug the sensors, and gather up your controllers. The same goes for setting up, except, of course, you're plugging in.

However, setup usually slows down when the hardware needs to be synced with the software; your Guardian boundaries need reshaping, your height needs measuring, and the sensors need to be in the right spot. If you're in a rush — or if you often move your Rift back and forth between rooms — we've put together this guide to help you get set up quickly.

Create a semi-permanent Oculus sensor setup

Oculus sensors

Plugging the HMD and sensors into your PC is the easy part. The time-consuming part is when you have to again run through the sensor setup in Oculus Home. Sure, you can usually remember where your sensors were located last time (taking a picture always helps) and thus you can set them up again in close proximity to their original position, but you might not always get it right. A better solution is to create a semi-permanent sensor setup in your VR space(s).

3D print your sensor mounts

Sensor mount courtesy of Thingiverse user DoctorLaserSensor mount courtesy of Thingiverse user DoctorLaser

Those of you lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer can print out some awesome Rift sensor mounts that stick to your wall with 3M Command strips (about $3). Once the mount is on the wall, the sensor can be installed and removed easily and quickly. When you return to your play space, all you have to do is slip the sensors back into the mounts.

See Oculus Rift sensor mount at Thingiverse

Use OdiySurveil mounting brackets

While these OdiySurveil mounting brackets (about $7) are technically meant for mounting security cameras, they also happen to work perfectly well with Rift sensors.

We've had them listed on our accessory guide for quite some time, and as long as you don't mind drilling a few holes, you'll have a relatively permanent mounting solution that should stay in place. That means less tweaking each time you want to get set up.

See at Amazon

Create a Guardian profile for quick application

Whether you're frequently moving from one room to another or you like to switch Guardian boundaries based on who's playing — kids seem to adhere to boundaries much better than adults (go figure) — there's a quick fix thanks to Reddit user NeoZeroo, who brought us Guardian Boundary Editor (GBE).

GBE allows you to not only manually set the Guardian's boundaries, but it also lets you save Guardian profiles that can be implemented with a couple of clicks. The Guardian profiles are saved locally, so you can duplicate and share them to your liking. If you're regularly using the Rift in the same spots, you could technically keep the profiles on a thumb drive that's toted around with the Rift so that you don't have to worry about them being deleted off of a PC.

Guardian Boundary Editor

Not only can you create Guardian profiles, you can also export settings for all of Oculus Home to be implemented at a later time (like when someone else who's shorter than you wants to play). These profiles are also saved locally and can be implemented with just a few clicks. If you're tired of resetting height through Oculus Home whenever your children want to play, you can instead import a profile.

If all of this sounds interesting, we've put together a full guide on installing and implementing the Guardian Boundary Editor software.

How to use Guardian Boundary Editor

Troubleshooting your Oculus Rift setup

If you're running into any issues while setting up your Oculus Rift, be sure to check out our troubleshooting guides. They contain a lot of information on a wide variety of subjects, and you'll hopefully be able to find an answer to your problem.

Did we miss any tips that will get the Oculus Rift set up in a flash? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

Updated December 21, 2017: We've refreshed this guide to ensure you're still getting tips on the quickest ways to get your Rift set up.

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