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Gear VR delivers all sorts of excellent experiences that are delivered right from your phone. However, the day may come when you need to unistall a few apps to make enough room for something new. When that time comes, the process is very simple, you just need to deal with it from inside of the Oculus app. We've got the details for you here.

Uninstalling Gear VR Apps

In general we've all had to uninstall an app from our phones at one point or another. Whether it was because you ran out of storage space, or because you no longer wanted the fourth game anymore, this is usually a pretty simple process. However uninstalling a Gear VR app requires an extra step. Much like you don't download Gear VR apps from the Play Store, you don't have to uninstall games from within your app manager.

All you have to do, in order to uninstall an app for Gear VR is head into your Oculus app. Navigate to the library by tapping the open book at the bottom of your screen. This will show you all of the Oculus games, apps and experiences that you've installed onto your phone. If you tap and hold on the app you would like to uninstall, a pop up menu will appear. It's here that you'll tap uninstall, as well as getting an easy peek at just how much space an app is taking up on your device. Another window will pop up, making you confirm that you want to uninstall a specific app. Tap uninstall, and give it a few moments and that app will disappear right off of your phone.

Step by step instructions to uninstall Gear VR apps

  1. Open the Oculus app on your phone.
  2. Tap Library at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap and hold the app you want to uninstall.
  4. Tap Uninstall.
  5. Tap Uninstall again.

Have you had to uninstall apps?

The number of Gear VR games you can store at once is all dependent on the amount of storage space left on your phone. This means that eventually, you're probably going to need to uninstall an app or two. Thankfully this is an easy process that ought to only take you a few moments to get done.

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