The merge Miniverse is a new website from the makers of the Merge Cube and Merge VR headset. Created to be a portal to all things VR/AR on the web, it can be a daunting place to be. Fear not fellow VR-ians we are here to help guide you around the Miniverse!

A Location in Time and Space

Your first step is to visit on your Laptop or Mobile Device to get you to the splash screen. Using a PC is a much nicer experience at first, while you figure out how to navigate, but using your mobile opens up the "See in VR" choice. Being able to see models in 3D direct from the website is a treat. More on that later.

All Filed Nicely

As you would expect from a curated website, The Miniverse is separated into six helpful categories, Experience, 360 Videos, Educational, Game, 3D Model, and Music. Each category is curated, so only what Merge considers the best content is visible. Which isn't a bad thing, as there is a lot of bad content out there. Just click the "View All" link to see the content. The content that we have seen thus far has been the best both Google Play and the Apple Appstore have to offer.

Sketchfabb is a special case

The 3D Model category has some extremely complex and beautiful models in that seem to come, mostly, from the SketchFab website. If you are using your Mobile device Miniverse will allow you to view these models through your Google Cardboard or your Daydream if you disable the Daydream app . Of course, if you have the Sketchfab app it's an even better experience as it is designed to work in VR.


Merge has created a helpful nexus for VR content, or at least Mobile VR content. It is far more helpful than I first thought it would be, especially for finding interesting VR Apps on both Iphone and Android systems. As a company MergeVR seem intent on making Mobile VR as accessible for everyone as they can. Have you checked out the Miniverse? Let us know in the comments below!