The day has finally come, when you can control your Gear VR by doing nothing more than using your voice. Well, sort of anyway. Oculus Voice has arrived for Gear VR letting you use specific voice commands to launch actions. You can't do everything, but when you can use Oculus Voice it's easy, and works just the way it should. We've got the details for you here.

So I can use my voice to control my Gear VR?

There is now a full navigation menu at the bottom of your screen, which includes a tab for voice. By navigating to it once, and enabling Oculus Voice, you can then speak to your Gear VR and have it perform certain actions. While you definitely can't do everything, this does make plenty of things much easier.

There's no need to train Oculus Voice to your vocal pattern, all that you need to do is say 'Okay Oculus' and it will launch. It pops up as a second screen that will show you the commands that your voice can trigged. There are five basic commands that Oculus voice can take advantage of: Find, Launch, Recenter, Cancel that, and Settings.

Find will let you easily search for something specific. Launch, will go ahead and start up the downloaded game that you're asking for. Cancel that will exit, or cancel your last action. Settings, as you might imagine, will open up your settings menu and allow you to adjust things. The most helpful of all of them is recenter, allowing you to recenter your view without having it open any menus or press any buttons.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Open Oculus Home on your Gear VR.
  2. Navigate to Voice, located in the menu at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Enable Oculus voice.
  4. Say 'Okay Oculus' to launch Oculus Voice.
  5. Use one of the commands to use Oculus Voice.

Are you excited for Oculus Voice?

While Oculus Voice can't do everything, it does make doing certain things much, much, easier. Being able to launch your favorite game, access your settings, or even recenter your view with nothing more than a voice command is easy and intuitive to use. So are you excited to use Oculus Voice? Do you have more questions? Be sure to leave use a comment below and let us know about it!

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