Here at VR Heads we have recently started streaming games via Twitch on a more regular basis. Starting with the PSVR we hop to bring more VR streams to you over the coming months, but boy is it challenging! Here is a step by step guide and a few tips to help you get started.

Step By Step

  1. Set up a Twitch account
  2. Navigate to Settings/Sharing and Broadcasts
  3. Choose Link with Other Services
  4. Go to to link your PSN account
  5. Load up your VR Game
  6. Press the share button your Controller and select Broadcast Gameplay
  7. Fill in all the details and check the option for showing comments in VR
  8. Press Broadcast and enjoy!

Starting up

The first thing you need to Stream on Twitch is an account. Head over to to sign up. Twitch makes it extremely easy to get started and make your account your own. Make sure you get yourself an Icon and some header art to make it all look as professional. Obviously if you are already a Streamer you can skip this step.

From the PS4

Next power up your PS4 outside of PSVR and navigate to settings, then Sharing and Broadcasts. From there choose the Link with other Services option and select Twitch. Once you get there you will need to go to to link your twitch to your specific PSN Account. A note: You can only connect one PSN account to one Twitch account. It's a bit of a shame as it would be nice to let our whole team play our VR Heads twitch on different days, but ah well.

The PSVR Parts

Now we have set up all of the backend pieces, lets get to the Juicy bits, setting up a stream. At this point you need to decide what game you want to stream and start it running. Obviously this guide is about PSVR but it works the same for all normal games as well. Turn on your PSVR and choose the game you want to play, I chose the awesome Sparc by CCP, from the main screen press the share button on either your Controller or your Move Controller and choose Broadcast Gameplay.

You can choose what service you want to stream to, select Twitch and you will arrive at the info page for your stream. There's a lot happening on this page but the specific VR box that needs to be checked is in the top right corner. This checkbox lets you see your commentators messages to you while in the VR headset. Without this you can't interact with your followers which, as any twitch streamer will tell you, is a major issue.

Now it's time to fill in all the information that your followers will see on your stream. Make sure you fill out fully otherwise you will have to go into your Twitch stream later and fix it. From there your last job is to fill in your social media information, hit the broadcast button, and enjoy streaming to your millions of followers!

Some VR Twitch Tips

Twitching in VR has some unique challenges to make the experience enjoyable for those watching.

Keep Still Sometimes.

When you are in loading screens or just when you want to talk to your audience, try to keep your head still. When watching a VR stream the constant motion can sometimes be overwhelming so take a break, when you can, to fix on one location, like you were making eye contact. It helps your audience listen to what you are saying rather than trying to keep up with your head movements.

Don't always keep still.

I know I just told you to keep still but it's also important to show off what VR can do. At the beginning of each level take a moment, if you can, to turn and look around slowly so your audience can see the scope of the game you are playing. VR is designed to be immersive, so let your followers see that immersive quality when you can and remember, go slow! Whipping your head around in combat is fine but people want to see your surroundings too.

Keep your Eyes out.

When playing a normal Twitch stream you have a constant stream of your followers comments and question in easy reach but with VR they appear on your HUD and not for very long. Be prepared to miss some if you are in a high octane game and try to answer them as quickly as possible. Without the camera recording you, it's busy making the PSVR work, you will need to be pretty vocal to keep your audience engaged.

What do you think?

Are there other tips you guys can think of, or maybe you have some feedback on our Twitch streams? Let us know down in the comments section. Twitch for PSVR is very new and both Playstation and Twitch have a way to to make VR streams as enjoyable as possible.

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