How to use the VR Objects feature with Oculus Rift in Rift Core 2.0

Part of the Rift Core 2.0 update for Oculus Rift includes a feature that lets you set up an extra Touch controller as a "VR Object." When creating mixed reality content — real-time footage of a player using the Oculus Rift set over a backdrop of in-game video — it's often tough to match up the movements of an object in both sets of footage if the physical camera is moving.

By setting up a Touch controller as a VR Object and attaching it to the camera, it becomes much easier to match up footage after it's been captured, since the camera is now also being tracked. This feature is mainly for those who wish to create mixed reality content as well as developers. If you're just here for the games and experiences, you need not worry about this feature, though it is fun to experiment.

How to set up a Touch controller as a VR Object

If you're looking to use a Touch controller as a VR Object to help with mixed reality capture, this is how to get things set up in Rift Core 2.0.

  1. Launch the Oculus app from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Click Configure Rift.

    Click Devices. Click Configure Rift.

  4. Click Pair VR Object (Advanced).
  5. Click Get Started.

    Click Pair VR Object. Click Get Started.

  6. Click Update Now. A firmware update will download and be installed.
  7. Click Continue.

    Click Update Now. Click Continue.

  8. Click a Touch controller. In this case, we will use a left-handed Touch controller.
  9. Click Next.

    Click a Touch controller. Click Next.

  10. Press and hold the Menu and Y buttons on your left-handed Touch controller. This will pair the controller as a VR Object.
  11. Click Next when the VR Object process is finalized.
  12. Click Continue.

    Click Next. Click Continue.

The Touch controller you've set up as a VR Object is now ready to be used. It's a good idea to mark this controller to keep it from getting mixed up with your usual controllers, and note that battery life will be reduced.

If you're testing things out and would like to now return your Touch controller to its normal function, you must re-pair it. Here's how.

  1. Click Configure Rift.
  2. Click Pair Touch.

    Click Configure Rift. Click Pair Touch.

  3. Click Next.
  4. Press and hold the Menu and Y buttons on the left Touch controller.
  5. Click Next when the controller is finished pairing.

    Click Next. Click Next.

  6. Press and hold the Oculus and B buttons on the right Touch controller.
  7. Click Next when the controller is finished pairing.
  8. Click Next.

    Click Next. Click Next.

That's it! Your Touch controllers are now back to acting normally.

More information about mixed reality capturing

If you're interested in capturing mixed reality footage with Oculus Rift, be sure to check out the helpful resource at the Oculus Support page. For more Rift Core 2.0 information, have a look at our Ultimate Guide.

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