Panoramic images has come a long way thanks to the increasing availability of 360-degree cameras. Now you can see everything around you when viewing vacation photos of the Grand Canyon, instead of just a strip of what you were experiencing. Once you have a photo you want to check out in all it's glory, you'll need to know how to open it using PlayStation VR.

We've got all the details that you need right here!

Viewing 360 photos on PlayStation VR is a breeze

Whether you want to check out photos you've taken yourself, or those that someone else sent you, viewing these images through PlayStation VR is pretty simple. That's because the native Media Player inside of your PlayStation 4 console is capable of opening files with a .jpg, .bmp, or .png format. All you need to do is upload your photo, or open the photo that you want to view in glorious 360 degrees and you'll be set!

There are a few caveats here though. First of all, you'll want to ensure if you just acquired a PlayStation 4 console that it's completely up to date. While consoles can now view 360-degree photos in VR Mode, that hasn't always been the case, and having an updated console will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Secondly, you are only able to view equirectangular images with PlayStation VR. Most 360 images you'll run into are in this format, but on occasion, you may run into a cubic image which isn't compatible with your system. You can easily recognize cubic images, though, as they resemble a sideways cross.

If you've done these things, then you're ready to roll!

How to Install Media Player

If you've never used the Playstation Media Player before, you will need to install it before it's available. After you've installed Media Player on your console it will appear on your home menu.

  1. Navigate to the Library on the Home Screen
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select Media Player
  4. Select Download

How to View 360-Degree Images Using Media Player

  1. Create a folder on a USB memory stick called "Images" and copy the images you wish to view on your Playstation VR into that folder
  2. Plug the USB memory stick into the front of your PS4.
  3. Open Media Player from the Home Screen
  4. Select your Memory Stick from the list that comes up
  5. Select Images.
  6. Select the Options key.
  7. From the menu that appears, select VR Mode and set it to On
  8. Then select the image that you wish to view.

Are you in love with 360 degree photos?

Now that you know how to view these images in all their panoramic glory, have you come across any that were simply so stunning that you just had to share? Does this make you want to pick up a 360 camera so you can share your favorite shots? Have you been living vicariously through all the beautiful pictures that are available online? Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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