The UEFA Champions League finals are nearly here, and you know what that means. Great Football matches from teams all over Europe competing against one another. Soccer, for those Americans, but Football to everyone else. The UEFA has some great games, and this year they are more accessible than ever because you can watch right from YouTube. Even better, you'll be able to watch in VR, provided you have a VR headset capable of using YouTube. We've got the details for you here!

I can watch the UEFA Champions League finals in VR?

Yes, with a few caveats. There is a VR stream that will be hosted on YouTube that you can watch while within your headset. This is provided, of course that you can access YouTube when you need to. Provided you can do that, then you're golden and all you need to do is head to the BT Sport YouTube page and load the video that you want to watch.

If you've only got access to Gear VR then you'll have to take a few additional steps, but it's not a big deal. Namely, instead of using the YouTube app to open the videos and watch the matches, you'll need to use Samsung Internet to open YouTube and navigate in from there. With either of these options you'll be able to keep an eye on the matches and feel like you're in the middle of the action, instead of just sitting on the couch.

Anyone in the UK will get access to a few different streams including s 360 degree stream with a recommended minimum 10Mps connection. You'll also be able to choose from a specific camera, if you're particularly interested in a specific angle of the game. If you're not in the UK, the live streams will not be available unless you alter your location with a VPN.

Now sure which VPN service is for you? Check out our favorites!

How to watch the UEFA Championship League finals

Watching the finals is going to require you to have a Wi-Fi connection that you can tap into, because you'll be watching on YouTube. You'll also need either a Gear VR or Pixel headset in order to take advantage of watching in VR.

How to watch on Daydream

  1. Jump into VR with your Daydream headset.
  2. Open the YouTube app.
  3. Navigate to the BT Sport page.
  4. Open the stream you want to watch and enjoy!

How to watch on Gear VR

  1. Jump into VR with Gear VR.
  2. Open Samsung Internet.
  3. Navigate to YouTube.
  4. Open the BT Sport Youtube page.
  5. Open the stream you want to watch and enjoy!

Will you be watching?

The UEFA Champions League finals come but once a year, so you don't want to miss out on the best games of the season! Whether you take advantage of 360 degrees of action, or you prefer a single static camera, you can enjoy these games in VR. Will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below!

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