Have you ever wanted your own personal theater? How about being able to get away from your regular life when you settle in to binge the newest season of Orange is the new black? Well, in either case, you're in luck. You can easily watch Netflix right from your Samsung Gear VR. It doesn't matter why you want to check out Netflix in VR, and that's why we've got the details for you.

You may not have actually realized that you can watch Netflix on your Samsung Gear VR, and if that's the case we're here to tell you that you definitely can. It's very easy to set up and use, since it's an app for your Gear VR.

The first thing that you'll want to do is go ahead and download the app from the Oculus Store. You can find it easily by doing a quick search. Once you've gone ahead and installed that, then you'll be able to open the app when you have the Samsung Gear VR on. After that all you need to do is get comfortable and put on the Gear VR headset.

Once you've found Netflix in your app list, select it and it'll open up. The first thing you'll notice when Netflix opens, is that they've given you an excellent cabin to enjoy your shows in. There are photos on the walls, a plush red couch to watch from, and a framed BoJack Horseman hung above the television where your shows will air. From here all you need to do is go ahead and choose what you're watching before settling in and enjoying your show of choice.

Is binge watching in VR actually a thing?

When most people think of Netflix, they think of binge watching their favorite shows. That usually translates to a few hours of watching television at a time. Part of how long you'll be able to watch for depends directly on the size of your phone's battery. The bigger the battery, the longer you'll be able to run the Gear VR.

If you're still running off of a Samsung Note 4, then you'll also need to remember that your device may overheat after about an hour, even if it still has battery power left on it. Watching more than about 2 hours of television or movies in VR also starts to wear on your eyes. While you certainly can continue to watch, you might find that it tires your eyes out after a while.

You might want to take a break after that second episode, before diving into the third one.

That means that binge watching might not be as feasible as it is on computer or television. That doesn't mean you can't do it, it just means that you might want to take a break after that second episode, before diving into the third one. This will also give you some time to charge your phone back up, before continuing your journey in VR.

So there you have it, how to watch Netflix on your Samsung Gear VR. It's simple and easy to do, which means you can enter your own personal theater as soon as you'd like to. Have you tried watching Netflix in VR? Do you have more questions about Netflix on the Gear VR? Jump into the comments and let us know!