HTC will be showing off its first in-house VR game for the HTC Vive at Computex this year. The game, which is called Front Defense, is the first title from the company's internal VR software startup called FANTAHORN Studio. The developers are actually independent content developers that include a few HTC employees. HTC is sponsoring the team, and they are dedicated to working only on their VR content. It features a variety of weapons, from guns to grenades, along with epic battlefield fights and much more.

HTC Vive

In addition, HTC will show off a few other things like a mixed reality demo in a green screen room, the world's first virtual reality fitness experience and more. More of what HTC will show off includes:

  • FRONT DEFENSE - using a variety of classic personal weapons, from pistols, rifles, submachine guns, hand grenades to anti-tank rockets, actual experience fierce fighting on the battlefield various activities and war soldiers.
  • Holodia - world's first virtual reality fitness experience, people like living in Babylon or in France Aiguebelette Lake, in fantastic environment, people want to forget fatigue, achieve the most perfect body.
  • Jeeboman - outside world by unknown alien robot invasion, quickly stood out with outstretched hands, took up arms to transform into Superman Jinbo, activity your muscles ready to defend to save their homes, repel alien robot!
  • Ruckus Ridge - up to see who occupied the box, together with friends race, enjoy the fun of stimulating pleasure. Space Pirate Trainer- and surrounded by wave after wave of enemies appear, you will be a gun and shield hold on brave face challenges.

Now, not only will HTC be working on making its own hardware, like the Vive, better, but also the gaming experience as well. With the team being in-house, HTC can work closely with them to ensure the best possible gameplay.

Do any of these virtual reality games or experiences intrigue you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!