Virtual Reality opens doors to entirely new worlds letting you visit places you've never been before from the bottom of the ocean as you swim with whales, to a mining platform in space that has to be protected from raiders. While it's perfectly well and good to enjoy everything that VR has to offer, it can be so much better with friends. If you've been considering strapping your favorite headset onto friends or family, then you've come to the right place!

We've got a few tips for getting the people you loved as hooked on VR as you are for you here!

Get comfortable

If you're going to be sharing VR with friends or family for the first time, then you'll need to make sure that the first thing you do is properly adjust the headset. Strapping a VR headset to your face requires tweaks for each separate person who puts on the headset. The straps need to be firmly attached without being too tight, and the headset needs to sit snugly against the user's face.

This is because the headset straps need to be properly adjusted so that each person can properly see what is happening on the screen in front of them. This is especially true of folks who wear glasses or contacts, because they may need to adjust the focal length to be sure they can see clearly without fuzzy edges. It's also important to remember if you are sharing one headset with multiple people, that the facepad needs to be wiped down after each and every person uses it.

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Find experiences you love

The most important part of showing off VR is to find the right experience to introduce your friends to the wide, wild world that VR has to offer. There are plenty of excellent 360-degree videos, awesome games, and vivid experiences that can show your friends everything that VR has to offer.

Picking the right game or experience for the person who is playing is key to ensuring that they enjoy their time. There are tons and tons of great apps, games, and experiences available but they are definitely not one size fits all. While a Horror game might be perfect for your friends, it might not be the best option for showing off VR to your Mom. For that reason, it's definitely a good idea to make sure that you're picking out the game that is best for the person trying out VR.

Of course video apps like LittlStar, and Within deliver tons of videos that are great for anyone and give you a real variety of choices to pick from. Whether it's fighting off monsters with Brookhaven Institute, chucking discs at friends with Sparc, watching videos on YouTube, or feeling a pull at your heartstrings with Spotlight Stories for Daydream, there is definitely a VR experience out there for everyone. You just need to find it first.

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Sharing with multiple headsets

In certain cases, you may have access to a few headsets, or have a friend who has picked up a headset without ever having jumped into VR. If that's the case, then there are definitely some options for you to check out. Namely, there are tons of great multiplayer games that you can introduce your friends to, if they have the same headset that you have.

From PlayStation VR to Gear VR, there are tons of great multiplayer games available for every headset. You can find games where you work together, like Farpoint, as well as more competitive games like Sparc. This means that you can play together, or versus your friends, so long as there are multiple headsets of the same platform to enjoy.

Casting your gameplay

While having one person in a VR headset can deliver jaw-dropping experiences, and having multiple headsets means that people can jump into games together, there is also another option that is open to you. With Daydream, Gear VR, and Vive, you can Chromecast everything that you are seeing in VR onto your TV screen.

By casting your gameplay you can share VR with an entire room of people even if you only have access to one headset. Your friends will be able to see everything that is going on while you play VR, which means every shot, and every jump scare. There are a few issues with audio delay, and visual artifacts, depending on which Chromecast you have access to, but overall this is the easiest way to share your experiences when you've got more friends than headsets sitting in a room.

Are you sharing?

With so many different options for VR, figuring out how to share your awesome new adventures is easier than ever. Whether you're sharing Audioshield on Vive, disarming bombs Daydream, on watching amazing videos available through apps like Littlstar, there are plenty of ways to share everything that you love about VR with the important people in your life. Is there a specific app or experience that you like to use to introduce your favorite people to VR? Let us know about it in the comments below!