Janus 360

Browsing through the booths at CE Week in NY, we stumbled upon the Janus 360. It's the first drone dedicated to virtual reality according to the manufacturer, Drone Volt. The Drone Janus 360 is outfitted with 10 GoPro 4K cameras and can produce 360-degree videos with 15 minutes of flight time. Watch the video to get a closer look.

The video from its ten 4K cameras is stitched together to create a 360-degree view. Drone Volt is marketing the Janus 360 for the tourism, architecture, and real estate markets. Although we were unable to fly the drone inside the exhibition hall, their demo station at CE Week had a handful of Samsung Gear VR headsets to view some sample footage.

When we asked about pricing, we almost spilled our drinks. The Drone Janus 360 with the camera rig costs $20,000. Without the cameras, you are still looking to spend $14,000. The drone will be available in stores starting in July.

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