If you haven't had the opportunity to play Sparc yet, you're really missing out. It's an intensely competitive eSport-style game with a gorgeous VR environment and no shortage of excellent players to battle against. We've hosted a few sessions on our Twitch stream since it launched, and talked about it a bit in the forums, but the real fun is sitting down with the creators and talking about how this game came to be and what comes next for this world.

Instead of keeping this one to ourselves, we're going to open up the conversation to the entire VRHeads community with an AMA session right in the forums!

Russell Holly
Russell Holly

Welcome to the AMA Arena! A lot of us know the name CCPGames from the ridiculously good Eve: Valkyrie and Eve: Gunjack in the VR world, but today we're joined by several members the Sparc team to talk about this latest game. Our guests for today are ccp_wrath and CCP_Elvine! Got some questions about Sparc, or anything else CCPGames might be up to? This is the place to ask! Answers will...


The rules are simple. Show up in our PlayStation VR forum at 2PM Eastern today and drop a question to the team in our Sparc AMA thread. Several members of the Sparc team will be there answering questions for the first hour, and then we'll wrap up all of the best answers for everyone to see back here. Got it? Great!

If you find yourself eager to check out Sparc, but don't yet have the necessary hardware, be sure to check out our big giveaway this month so you can score a PlayStation 4 Pro and everything you need to get in the game!

Take me to the AMA!